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Capitol City Visit
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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Business and Language Arts.....Does it Really Matter?

Okay, I am going out on a limb somewhat here! However, twice this week, I've had electronic/digital business contacts with a of couple people that had atrocious grammer and spelling!

It got me thinking about whether this really matters in business these days. What do you think? In the first case, I was looking to buy something from a vendor and each item description had many, many spelling errors!!! I'm not the best speller myself, but I usually check a word, if I'm not sure. And I probably rely on the dictionary a greater percentage of time than spell check on the computer. Part of the issue today may be all this texting that goes on. Words are shortened to barely recognizable abbreviations and texting has generated a shorthand language of its own. I have to admit that I don't text. So, maybe that's part of my problem. But the spelling errors I saw weren't of a texting type of shorthand, they were just odd phonetic variations. I don't expect perfect spelling from anyone. But, I had to stop and "figure out" what this person was trying to describe about the product! So, I considered not buying from this vendor, as I really didn't feel this was good business form. It made me wonder about quality. In the end, I caved in and purchased what I wanted from this challenged speller. I'm hoping the spelling isn't a reflection of the quality of goods that I will receive. I'm betting that all will be well with the purchase, but down deep I'd have felt better about it if the spelling had been more correct.

The other experience I had this week was receiving an e-mail from a person that I do business with locally. There was no capitalization in the whole e-mail, despite it being written in a letter format. It was several sentences long! I just didn't understand that either! This person is highly educated, but I believe very short on time. So, that is the excuse I am attributing to her lack of grammer!

The sad part is that in today's world, I'm not sure any of this matters. I guess I didn't let it interfer with my purchases, in the first case. Keep in mind, I have yet to see the goods, however. I'll let you know next week about that. I know we are all pressed for time and the world moves at a fast pace. I suppose that I am just a person that likes to write properly. I love words, their meanings, and intonations. I still love getting and sending hand-written letters. My children are still made to write thank-you notes by hand. And that probably brings me to the root of some of my problem with this. I am still in a stage of life where I am helping school aged children (my own and others) learn to write properly. So, it spills over to expecting it from adults involved in business transctions. However, I'm coming to the realization that I'll just have to take the new altered language arts of the digital world in stride when it comes to business!

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