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Capitol City Visit
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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Feeding the Bead Addiction....Where do you buy supplies?

I keep buying supplies......I always find that I "need" something! It got me wondering where other jewelry artists find and buy their supplies. I have been making jewelry for over six years and have found some favorite places for my supplies. What are yours?

I live in a relatively small area, not really close to a large metropolitan base with lots of options and choice. So, locally I frequent Michaels, Hobby Lobby, a fabric store, and an independent bead store called Beadazzling. Some items are fine for me to buy locally, with a fair price and high quality. But when I want diversity, I turn to the internet. There are several suppliers I like for my beads. They include Fire Mountain Gems and Art Beads. However, recently I have been exploring other outlets on the internet. I am interested in trying some new techniques and this lead me to exploring new supppliers.

Ebay and now, Etsy have been a source of bead supplies for me. There is a fused glass artist that I found several years ago on Ebay, based in Maryland, that I return to again and again. On etsy, I have found some suppliers of unique handcrafted polymer beads and other things that just aren't the same if you buy from a large outlet.

So, I guess I'm in a phase of exploration for my suppliers. I'm sure I'll return to my old standbys but I am looking forward to finding some new ones to fuel my new ideas! In the meantime, if you have a great supplier, comment and let me know. I've posted another slideshow with some of my recent creations that are also featured in my etsy shop, you can view the slide show above and check out other items in my shop at
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  1. When we were making jewlery we used this supplier and really had great service from them

  2. There are so many different supply places around. Some are cheaper than others, some have better quality, others have low or free shipping, many require bulk buys in order to get good discounts and on and on. When I used to craft jewelry my favorite supply place was Rio Grande because I could count on their high quality merchandise.

    Just wanted to say I like your blog, found you through an etsy forums thread about blogs. I'm following you now. :)

  3. almostprecious---thanks for the tip about quality from Rio Grande. I have visited their website and they look like they have a lot to choose from. I am wanting to go to a higher quality with metals (lately I have choosen to use almost all sterling or fine silver) and perhaps less volume. Thanks, again. I'm glad you are following!

    straycat---I'll check rings-things out. I'm sure I saw them advertised in a bead mag. Thanks!