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Capitol City Visit
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Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Joy of Reading.....

I won't have a long post today, as I have a nasty cold and am coughing a lot. I'm now headed into my second week of this thing. Yuck!

Anyway, I thought I would write a little about reading. I love to read and luckily, am raising children who love to read. My boys all read to me orally each day (well, my teenager doesn't ) and now, to themselves for lengthy periods each day (my teenager does). Each has genre's they like and are finding their own authors that they enjoy. But this weekend, I was looking for something my youngest (age 8) would enjoy on his own and with me. He is fortunate to read above grade level, so we can really delve into some good books. From the literal library, he has in his room, I pulled the classic, James and the Giant Peach off the shelf by Roald Dahl.

After only a few pages of reading to me, my son was enthralled. He was immediately taken in by the characters and possibilities of what could happen in this story. This was Friday. By yesterday afternoon, he asked to read it and by last night we had my 10 year old listening, as well. It was so enjoyable to read this classic book, a book I loved as a child, with my children. Neither one recall seeing the movie. For this I was glad, as I really didn't care for how the characters were portrayed in the movie version. But, I'm sure we will watch it again, after we finish the book.

I love reading with children. It opens such a vast world for them. I am an active volunteer at my sons' school with the reading curriculum and do a book club for a class that neither of my boy's are in anymore. It is so enjoyable to have this time with my boys each day and other children one to two times a week!

I think for a while my boys and I were reading some titles that weren't all that enjoyable, but a return to this classic has engaged us all. I can't wait until story time! Grab a child and read a classic! Or just read! It's important!

It made me laugh when I said to my youngest, "Oh, this book is one of my favorite books of all time", and he said, "Mom, every book is your favorite!". Maybe, that is so! I hope it will be for him!

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Thanks for reading and following. Have a good week!

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