Capitol City Visit

Capitol City Visit
Madison Wisconsin

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Let's be nice to each other!

Well, after a great week, last week....feeling friendly with the world, I'm feeling cynical this week. I decided to post here, as opposed to the etsy forums as I've had enough for a while.
As with all facets of life sometimes, people are just rude in the forums! Or you are ignored.
Hmmmm. I need a break from that!

On a positive note I have found a new (to me) photo editing program that has been fun to play with. It has been consuming entirely too much of my time! I'm in the throws of making my yearly gift calendars from our family pictures! It is always fun to look back over the adventures of the last year! I take lots, and lots of pictures. The program is Picasa by google and it's FREE!

On another downer, I have a great sale going on in my shop that hasn't had ANY response! It ends on the 28th. I have a special section of earrings for only $2.80 each pair! Today (2/24) only, I am offering FREE SHIPPING on these! Prices have already been reduced and shipping fees removed!

Maybe people think there is something wrong with these earrings! There isn't! Just making room for spring and summer stock! Go to my sale earring section in my shop and check them out yourself at;

I thought I would post some pictures of some, too! Enjoy!

I'm off to get out in the bright winter sunshine we have today!

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