Capitol City Visit

Capitol City Visit
Madison Wisconsin

Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Northeast and Snow!

Part of me longs for those good ol' blizzards like the Northeast has had this winter, or more recently, this week! I grew up in Western New York and remember fondly, days spent off from school in the winter, in the snow! And I feel for those in Philly and Baltimore, both places in which I have lived and worked, knowing that the snow has all but crippled those cities! Our winters here in Wisconsin are cold, definitely very cold, with a good share of sub-zero days! However, the snow that falls here generally stays on the ground but there is nowhere the amount of snow or the effects of such a snow fall here, like the northeast has been experiencing. Thus, the longing for a good blizzard of my past, albeit, younger years! My thoughts are that they should enjoy the snow, take care of themselves while traveling and/or shoveling and take comfort in that spring should be less than a month away.

Well, after my first mid-week post pleading for people to be nice to each other; another very nice random act of kindness fell upon me! Another etsian, reading my post about being nice, featured my shop and the sale I was having, on their blog! I was touched and thrilled! The act restored my usually optimistic faith in the positive aspect of human nature! You can link to this blog using the button at the right for the searched and found or go here;
It is a great blog to keep up on some very unique handcrafted items and talented individuals!
Please leave Chaucee a comment if you visit to let her know how nice her gesture was!

Well, tomorrow is March first. The month is getting busier and busier as each day passes! I will be doing my very first "vendor" show at our local middle school. The booth space fee benefits the middle school students, so I figured that it was for a good cause and will be a small venue for me to "get the kinks" out of having a booth at such a gathering. So, I am busy getting ready for that as well as the upcoming gardening season. I need to decide whether to start plants inside or not, this year! Last year, I had the most success ever with starting seeds and am getting that "gardeners" itch to be dirty! Have a great week!

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