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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Why do a treasury? It makes you feel good!

I've been a member of the etsy marketplace for 7 months now. It has been a great experience! Yes, there have been a few bumps here and there.....wondering if my creations will sell, having a non-paying buyer due to a glitch in the system, learning "how" to do first "this", then "that". But, I've really enjoyed it.

One of the things I didn't really "get" at first was the treasury. The treasury is a collage of items, centered around a theme that can feature one of your pieces of art and those of others. I have to admit that the first couple of times I did this, I was clueless. It took me forever to "find" the pieces I wanted to feature and didn't get much response, either in views or convos (etsy lingo for e-mails) from it all. But, I kept at it. Surprisingly, when I went back to look at the items I had "saved" in my favorites for the treasuries; many of them had sold since the treasury was posted! Ahhhh, I thought to myself; exposure! That's what the treasury is about.

Well, to me making treasuries are about exposure for my work and the awesome work of others, but it does have some other benefits! You see, I have learned that you can (and should) contact those you selected for your treasury. This way, they get to know their work is appreciated and many express appreciation for the treasury and/or your work, as well. It's about feeling good! It's about networking and support!

This past week I made a treasury using the works of polymer clay artists found on etsy. The treasury was colorful and well received. There are some awesome clay artists out there! I know I will be visiting some of their shops as a buyer in the next year! But what really impressed me was the kindness of those shop owners/artists! They seemed to really appreciate the efforts I made to put the treasury together! (And it really doesn't take me that long, anymore!) I feel like I really made a supportive connection with at least two of these fellow artists.

One has posted the entire treasury on her blog on February 12th. I'd love if you would check it out and then go check out her shop. The links are;

for the clay treasury

for a shop with wonderful clay items

The other artist has been working hard on the products and photography in her shop and it shows! The items are just beautiful, as are the pictures. The piece I featured from this shop sold while the treasury was posted! Boy, what a great feeling. Maybe, there's a small chance someone saw this piece in the treasury and bought it! Of course there's no way of knowing, but it does make one feel good. And I'm sure the sale felt good for mindfulmatters! Take a look at some other pieces from this artist at;
Tropical Seaspray Pendant

mindfulmatters etsy shop at;

So, I really enjoyed the treasury I made this week, but what I most enjoyed came after it! I felt connected to these other artists and appreciated. They were both so gracious to me that I had to write about it! I hope you find similar experiences in your artistic pursuits and contacts with other artisits. If you want to try and make a treasury, here is a link on how to do it for etsy;

Have a Great week!

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  1. That is so sweet and I'm so glad you informed me about the treasury -- I maybe wouldn't have had the pleasure to meet you otherwise! You also inspired me to try my hand at doing a treasury sometime. Thanks so much.