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Capitol City Visit
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Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Learning Curve; Changing from a PC to a Mac.

Well, I thought I would write about how my week has gone from frustrating to satisfying involving our new computer system.

About 10 days ago, we purchase a brand new Mac os-X computer. It came ready to work, right out of the box! Wow! That has never happened with any of our PC's. For the first few days, all was well. I wasn't having too many problems learning commands that seemed pretty similar to our ten year old PC.

Well, my frustrations started at the beginning of the week...last week. Over last weekend, my techno-savy son transferred about 5000 photographs for me from the pc to the mac. My old system supported Microsoft digital library and an old Picture It! program that I used every year to make our family calendars. The new system had iphoto on it. The problem was that what used to take me literally seconds for picture editing, was now taking minutes! I think the height of my frustration was Friday when it took me a half hour to adjust just 3 pictures. And I'm just talking exposure! The iphoto wasn't doing what I needed it to do. And I was impatient while trying to learn it! This was not a good combination.

So, I knew I needed to start researching my options. The new machine was great, learning a new software was not. The first thing I did was google photoediting software for macs. Then, I also posed the question to the forums on the etsy site. The nice thing about this all was that what I found out from the google search and from practical experience of other etsy artists was compatible. I also downloaded a free trial of adobe photoshop for 30 days.

Here is the forum link;

Well, by Saturday morning I was playing on the photoshop and able to adjust about 5 pictures in about 15 minutes. It has the easy cropping tool, exposure adjustment, and visible pixels at my fingers tips. At the same time, by afternoon; I was able to play with the iphoto and see that it also had some really neat applications as well. The iphoto works well as the bridge program for the adobe.

So, all things considered, my learning curve was relatively short. Don't get me wrong, I'm still learning both programs but it is definitely more enjoyable than it was! And I'm also glad to report that the smilebox program I have for posting slideshows still works well on the mac. I've posted some of my jewelry with green components for St. Pat's. Take a minute, let it load, and enjoy!
The music is nice, too! Have a great week!


  1. Good to know - we're going from PC to Mac in about a week.

  2. We switched to a Mac over a year ago and it took me a bit to get use to iphoto as well. I will never go back to a pc again though -- love my Mac!

  3. Thanks for reading and posting comments! It is still getting easier, everyday. I will blog again about it in a couple of weeks. I'm busy getting ready for a show this weekend! - Carol