Capitol City Visit

Capitol City Visit
Madison Wisconsin

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Gardening Anyone?

Well, my plans for this week include some gardening. It is only mid- April and I already feel that I've put it off long enough! My front perennial bed (new last year) is already full of huge dandelion foliage! I will be getting out some round-up for those! I tried digging some out but the tap roots are already too long! They'll just come back! A positive note for that bed is that finally, I have some tulips! For years young rabbits have found my tulips and I got to the point of just not planting them. But, for some reason, I did decide to try again and planted some late last fall.Probably just because I'm a sucker for plants on sale and bought some tulip bulbs that way. Anyway, they are beautiful!

After I take care of that bed at my own house, I need to head over to school and weed our butterfly garden bed there! Each year I help a group of elementary students care for this one bed at school. It is time to weed it and start preparing for spring planting! I always know when it is time to do this when I am embarrassed to walk by the garden! It is definitely time! I have felt the embarrassment for two weeks now! It does always make me feel good to weed this bed and know that "I'm giving back to our community and school".

I am anxious for the week to begin. I have several exciting promos going on on some other blogs and will post about those tomorrow! Thanks for reading and happy gardening!

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