Capitol City Visit

Capitol City Visit
Madison Wisconsin

Monday, April 5, 2010

New Ventures!

A couple of weeks ago, I entered a new phase of my jewelry making. I have decided to make less but more high quality items and learn some new techniques. This is how it is going so far.....

I know a owner of a local sporting goods shop. I went to talk to her about having my pieces in her shop. Surprisingly enough she has been looking for someone to put some sports themed necklaces in her shop for a while. She did have a person who did it but that person doesn't make them anymore. So, in mid-March, I took her 8 necklaces with local spring sports pendants and 6 bracelets with our high school name and date (2010) on them. We decided that we could do consignment and she could pay me as they sold. Well, I got a nice surprise after being gone on a trip for a week. I came home and she has sold two of the eight necklaces and cut me a check for all of the pieces! Whoo-hoo!!!!

Another new venture of mine was to contact the owners of a shop that I previously had consignment pieces with. They have stopped taking pieces on consignment from anyone (for reasons that could be a whole different post) from anyone. I had been successful in their store and wanted to see if they would take pieces wholesale from me. They seemed interested in that. So, I wrote up a proposal for 4 different pieces that I could make and sell to them wholesale. I included pictures of all the pieces. I mailed that just before my trip and am waiting to hear back!

I have started to learn new techniques. The first is making resin pendants. The first one I made turned out great. It is of a picture of a monarch butterfly that I took and placed in an antiqued brass frame and then used the resin. The picture looks great and did not bleed. I have tried a few more for a bracelet but unfortunately a few of the pictures have bled. I think it's the elmers glue I used to hold the picture in place. I am pretty sure that I used double sided tape to hold the monarch picture in place and that was the difference. I'll keep experimenting with this! More on this and other new techniques later!

Lastly, I have my first custom order through etsy! I am making a sterling silver cube sisters bracelet with earthy swarovski crystal colors! I have a sisters bracelet in my shop that the customer liked but wanted more earthy colors to it. I am almost done with it and will mail my first picture of the piece to her today! I am excited about this! I have done custom work before and have always found it satisfying! I'm thrilled to have a piece custom ordered through etsy!

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