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Capitol City Visit
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Monday, May 10, 2010

Camo Jewelry???? Out of my comfort zone!

I recently began selling sports themed jewelry at a local store in our town. I know the owner (we used to be neighbors) and went in to ask her a question about business logistics and came out with a gentleman's agreement to try and sell some sports themed jewelry through her store to the local high schoolers and their mom's. She had been selling some by another woman who really didn't want to make them anymore and I thought.....why not? I'll try it!

I have to admit, it's gone very well! I am on my 3rd batch of necklaces and bracelets for her! We have been concentrating on girls spring sports and it seems to be working! And to make matters even better, the store owner has paid me very rapidly! So, what I thought or agreed to be consignment has worked out to be a direct sale at wholesale prices (although the volume is low).
However, a couple of weeks ago the store owner had a request for a "camo" (short for camouflage) necklace with a deer pendant! What! I was kind of shocked! First of all, this store doesn't sell anything in the line of hunting periphenalia! And I have never made anything along those lines, either!

Well, the owner tried referring this person to my website
via my business card, which I have in the store and also suggested contacting me my e-mail (also on my business card).
But, as the owner explained, she didn't seem to want to go that route! So, my next step was to ask the owner if she really wanted me to do this for this customer through the store, citing the reasons above. I was sure she would say, no.....I don't really want to get in to that type of thing.
But.....she surprised me and said that she would really like me to go ahead and make it and that the customer was willing to pay whatever it cost, but something close to what the sports necklaces were selling for! Okay! Wow! I felt excited but really kind of out of my comfort zone! Deer? Camo?
What colors is camouflage again?

However, now that I knew I would be going ahead with this the first thing I looked for was a deer pendant in pewter. These aren't as prevalent as you would think but they can be found. I ended up getting two styles; one off of ebay that was an entire deer; head, body, and all. The other was found on etsy; and was just a deer head with antlers on an oval pewter pendant.

After contacting the store owner to let her know that yes, I could find a deer pendant; she let me know that the lady would prefer the oval with the head. Okay. Again, not what I would have picked!

Next, after going through my stash of beads (all beaders have them, you know)! I found some autumn jasper rounds and then bought some green and tan irridescent czech seed beads at my local bead boutique. Now, all I had to do was wait for the deer pendants to arrive!

Well, that almost was two weeks ago! Finally, the preferred pendant arrived just last Friday! Naturally, the ebay deer arrived almost immediately after winning that auction. The deer head on the oval took a very long time from Michigan (we are next door neighbors, after all)! I sat down yesterday and made the necklace up very quickly! I am pleasantly pleased with the results. You can see the results for yourself, above!

I ended up not using any of the seed beads but found some multi-colored chalcedony semi-precious gemstones in faceted rounds and tube shapes in my stash. These combined nicely with the autumn jasper and some wooden beads I had.

What did I learn? Well, some times having an order "out of your comfort zone" is a good thing! The experience challenged my creativity and let me use up some of my "stash" beads. Now, I just have to wait to see what the customer thinks! I'd love to know what you think, too! Please feel free to leave a comment!

I have two other pendants and more beads......I see more deer in my future! Thanks for taking the time to read my post! Have a great week! Carol :)

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