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Capitol City Visit
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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Donating to Charity....Breast Cancer Research

This past week, I donated the above pink beaded lanyard or identification badge holder to a charity fundraiser for breast cancer research in my community. I made it especially for this fundraiser! Isn't it beautiful! I hope it raised a nice contribution!

I was approached by the couple spearheading the fundraiser at the last local show that I did, back in March. Although I did not know the couple, I easily volunteered to donate one of my handcrafted jewelry items that I make to raise awareness regarding breast cancer.

I do admit that I know this isn't an entirely self-less act. I will get publicity from the fundraiser about my jewelry and I also get to feel good about the donation!

Breast Cancer touches many lives. You are probably wondering what impetus I have for making and donating an entire piece of jewelry that I could sell for my own profit. Well, I had a great Aunt die of breast cancer when I was little. She was a great person with whom I had a lot of fun with when I was a pre-schooler. In addition, my sister-in-law (my husband's brother's wife) recently fought this disease as a young woman (35years old).
She was diagnosed and fought it while pregnant with twins. She has survived with careful monitoring but, unfortunately, the twins were born prematurely and died.

This disease, like many, has far reaching affects. So, when asked if I could donated something to a silent auction for the charity of breast cancer research, it was hard for me to refuse!

Although I don't advertise it on my shop page anymore, I will make a donation myself to breast cancer research from selling breast cancer awareness jewelry. For every 100$ I sell, I will donate 20 dollars to breast cancer research. I've earned about 75% of the first $100.

Please visit my shop at;
or click on the picture links to the left to view some more of my jewelry to support Breast Cancer Research. I have many more pink items in my shop! Please visit!

Until the end of May, I will offer 25% off any item in my shop that has words Pink or Breast Cancer in it's title. This offer is for my blog followers only. You must leave a comment on my blog, follow me, and then when you check out write Pink25 in the message to seller box on my etsy transaction page before you check out. I will refund 25% of the item price (offer not good on shipping charges) via paypal, immediately after the sale! Help me reach my donation goal and get a beautiful bargain with the purchase! Thanks!

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