Capitol City Visit

Capitol City Visit
Madison Wisconsin

Sunday, May 30, 2010

'Tis the Season......

'Tis the Season......for gardening.

Thought I would update you all on my recent gardening activities! It has been a busy spring for me! So busy, in fact, that I haven't really done much jewelry designing or creating!

Over the last month, I spoke with the third grade classrooms at our elementary school about the plant life cycle and seeds. They were fascinated by all of the interesting facts I shared with them! They especially liked making seed viewer booklets that allowed them to watch the germination process. Some of the children were amazed at the fact that seeds do not need soil for germination. All they need are the right conditions which include; warmth, oxygen, and water! Other children were amazed by the size of one of the seeds I bought in to share; a coconut! My family was able to get the seed "coat" off before the presentation and the children could see how hard and thick it was for that particular seed! This presentation was at the beginning of May!

Two weeks ago I presented to 50 kindergartners at another school in our district about corn and seeds on their farm field trip. They liked feeling the grains......oats, corn, alfalfa, and soybeans provided by my friend, the farmer. And all of them loved shelling the ears of "feed" corn into buckets. These children loved knowing that there are four basic types of corn that we grow; ornamental, popcorn, sweet corn, and feed corn or dent. Although I had done this presentation before, about 2 years ago, I found a great new resource in this book;
The Life and Times of Corn by Charles Micucci, published in 2009. I liked it so much I ordered a copy for my own personal use from amazon at a great price.

May is also the month that I have two meetings with the garden club I facilitate for elementary children. Earlier in the month, we weeded the butterfly garden on our school grounds and voted on our color scheme for annuals. The color scheme was purple, orange, and yellow! Last week, I had 23 children in the garden with me planting our annuals around the already sprouted milkweed, spent lilac shrub, rising day-lilies, purple coneflowers, and New England Asters. We are a certified Monarch Way Station that basically means we officially provide habitat for the monarch butterfly! And I'm glad to report that they have returned to Western Wisconsin for our summer!

Lastly, just the other day I met with another Master Gardener who is doing a presentation on holistic gardening. She wanted to know more about the garden club. After speaking to her, I realized that I garden to feel connected to the earth and lead garden club to connect to children who need to have a realization that we must all take part in conserving our natural resources for ourselves and for those creatures (like butterflies) who play a role in our food production. I hope I am planting the seed of curiosity or a small seed of knowledge in all the children I talk to about plants.

So, I've had a busy month. It makes up for not being so active in the jewelry making department! I do have many beautiful pieces for sale in my shop right now. I am approaching my one year Etsy anniversary! Check back for notification about an upcoming sale to celebrate that milestone!

In the meantime; Happy Gardening!


  1. You do such a wonderful job with Garden Club! Do any of the teachers use the garden in order to study the life cycle of plants or of butterflies?

  2. Thanks! Yes, some of the teachers do use the garden to study the life cycle of butterflies. I know of three teachers in the lower grades who have had their class in the garden within the last year!

    Gardens are wonderful outdoor classrooms!