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Capitol City Visit
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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Gardening with Clematis.

Well, after a perfectly beautiful Wordless Wednesday here in Wisconsin, we are back to a gentle rain today. I like rain. Especially, gently falling rain. And it is saving me from watering my plants!

I was wondering what to post about today when I looked outside and saw that one of my plants had started to bloom! Viola! Well, actually no,....Clematis! I have two of these lovely blooming vines. And although I have been a gardener for many years, it was not until about three years ago that I decided to try a Clematis. I was encouraged to try it as I had inherited a coach light by my front walk when we moved and it looked very barren. I did some reading and researching on Clematis before jumping in. At the time, I was getting the magazine Garden Gate and there was a great reference article on clematis. See the link;

The reason I did some research is that this plant is divided into three sub-groups based on when the plant needs to be pruned. I basically wanted to know what I needed to do to properly take care of the plant. I knew I wanted a Jackmanii cultivar, which is a beautiful deep purple. After I had success with that one plant, I had gotten an obelisque and wanted to try another. For that plant, I chose one in the same pruning category "C" which was Comtesse de Bouchaud which has light pink flowers.

Another tip about clematis is that their "feet" or the base of the plant likes to be in shade; while the face (or flowers) likes to be in the sun! So, for my coach light Jackmanii I planted black-eyed Susans at the base and for my Comtesse de Bouchaud the base was a carpet phlox.

Well, what I saw today was a very beautiful deep pink clematis blooming on my obelisque. You can see the picture for yourself. However, I am quite certain that this is not Comtesse de Bouchaud Clematis. It must be another variety....although I am certain it is a group "c". I am thinking now that the Comtesse died out after only a year and I replaced it last year. This one is gorgeous, however! I just better spend a few minutes tomorrow going through old plant tags to find out what variety it is!

Whatever it may be, I'm pleased to see it looking so fine in my backyard!! Thanks for tuning in! Don't forget to check out the clematis pictures at the right! Thanks ~ Carol

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