Capitol City Visit

Capitol City Visit
Madison Wisconsin

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Independence Day......

One of my favorite holidays is July Fourth! From the gorgeous American composed music to the lavish firework displays and Patriotic themed decor, I love all that is a symbol of Independence Day!

Over the last year I have read some American History! It is something I never thought that I would do electively, but I became intrigued with it after viewing the PBS movie mini-series on John Adams. Seeing the film, inspired me to finish reading his biography, John Adams, written by David McCullough. After doing that, I was thirsty for more and ordered two books on John Adams and his life. One is a compilation of letters that John had written and letters he had received over his long life time. The writers and receivers include, Abigail Adams---John's wife, his children, Thomas Jefferson, and Ben Franklin, among others. While this is not a book I find I can read at length or finish in a course of days, I do find myself returning to it with curiosity. The other book that I haven't really gotten to yet is one of solely the letters between Adams and Jefferson. These two great men had a long and complicated relationship, born at the time of our country's birth. And maybe, to me, symbolize polar extremes of opinions but also how those extremes can find common ground in a civilized and gentile manner.

I do know that as I look at my yard and the land around me on this July Fourth, I'll be glad that I share in the history of a great nation, founded by these extraordinary men. I know that I'll be listening to music from some great American composers, and I know that I'll be thankful that it is, in fact, Independence Day.

In honor of this fun, yet important holiday, I did make a few pieces of patriotic jewelry... please click on the pictures to the right to view these listings or visit my shop at;

Although, these pieces contain Sterling Silver Components and Unique Glass Beads, I have priced them reasonably to sell so You can be Festive for the Fourth or Patriotic anytime of the year! These would also make fabulous gifts for anyone serving in our armed forces!!!
What a great way to thank the ladies that serve our country!


  1. super 4th of July themed jewelry. We have a family reunion each year in upstate NY and it is fun-for about 3 days then everyone begins feuding and it's time to go home :)
    Have a great week!

  2. Great forth of July items! You are right about them being a wonderful gift for those woman who serve, great idea! ;)

  3. Very very nice blog. I love your patriotic jewelry. Thank you so much for the widget--I have been looking for that without luck until now! Chris