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Capitol City Visit
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Monday, June 7, 2010

Good Summertime Movie!!!

Are you looking for a good summertime movie?

We were too, this past weekend.

We had to watch DVD's from our collection, as we were without cable.

We selected, Field of Dreams (1989), starring Kevin Costner.

Although this isn't a new movie, the story remains timely and charming.

Set in Iowa, a young farmer plows under his corn crop to build a baseball diamond, complete with lights! And magically, baseball players from the past appear to play ball, all thinking it might be heaven. It is just Iowa, but each player has a destiny to fulfill. And the field holds some magic for the young farmer as well and brings closure to his relationship with his father, a one time baseball catcher!

If you haven't seen this movie and like baseball, a good story, and are somewhat of a romantic and believer in all things possible; this is a good pick for you! If you remember seeing this movie, you'll remember that it is worth seeing again! You'll be glad that you take the time to watch it!

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1 comment:

  1. Morning, Carol!
    Thanks for the movie selection--that was one that I somehow missed but it seems perfect for summer!
    Susan (not Todd)