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Capitol City Visit
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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Crafting on Vacation......Why not?

I recently told of our trip out west, to South Dakota and Colorado (see prior posts).

In Colorado, we stayed at the YMCA of the Rockies. It was a fabulous place with much to do. I've already told you of the hikes we took during our week stay, in the Rocky Mountain National Park. Now, I'll tell you about some of the other activities! There was so much to choose from!

In addition to hiking, our family road a zip line, went horseback riding, played mini-golf and basketball, took classes on archery, wilderness survival, animals of the rocky mountains, and beavers. Everything was great, except for the Beaver Walk, which has to be another topic! It got to mid-week and we hadn't even checked out the "craft barn". By this time, I was going through a little beading withdrawl so two days before we had to leave; we spent an afternoon at this wonderful distraction at the Y.

Just like the physical activities, entering the craft barn is a little overwhelming! There is just about every craft you can imagine! After spending about a half hour just deciding what to do, we chose the following youngest chose a fired "green ware" dragon to paint with acrylics, my soon to be 5th grader picked a frog mosaic to make lively and colorful, and my oldest tie dyed a shirt with his dad. Me, well, I longed to do some beading! How convenient that about half the craft barn is just for crafting.......beaded jewelry!

After picking a small wooden school house structure to paint while keeping my dragon artist company, I wandered over to the beads. Most people seemed to be in the make and take mode. In other words, you pick your beads and then assemble your piece (necklace, bracelet, etc.) and pay for a completed piece of jewelry. The YMCA provided assistants to help with the assembly of your jewelry. This was great if you didn't already know how to make jewelry. I went a different route. After checking, I was told that of course, I could just buy beads!!! Yeah!!! I had a grand time picking wonderful, unusual beads to bring home! They had a great selection.

For me, I like the solitary atmosphere that I have when I create a piece of jewelry and while there was definitely a time and place to create on vacation, I elected not to. I am very protective of my creative muse and sitting at a table with 20-30 other women while creating a piece just doesn't work for me. I also don't like to look at the work of others. I have found that it inhibits the individuality of my pieces. So, given that there were many beautiful and unique beads to choose from I had a good time bead shopping. Which.....if I was creating pieces in my head as I picked each bead......then I did do some crafting on vacation!

I can't wait to share with you some of my pieces that I made with beads from our vacation. Keep watching here for those! In the meantime, enjoy a few more pictures from our stay at the YMCA of the Rockys and Rocky Mountain National Park. #1- Bear Lake, #2- YMCA of the Rockies Statue, & #3- Alberta Falls.
Have a great weekend! Carol


  1. Carol, what lovely vacation photos. Sounds like your family kept busy all the time, much to do and much to see. Wish you had taken a photo of the Craft Barn as it too sounds like a great place and one can never have too many beads. :)
    BTW I don't like sitting at a table crafting my jewelry with a bunch of other people either, my muse feel inhibited that way.
    Saw your blog link on the etsy forms and I'm now following. Hope you might take a peek at mine.

  2. Sounds like such a great trip! I love all the things you did and think mini golf is great fun!

  3. That sounds like so much fun! I love the outdoors.