Capitol City Visit

Capitol City Visit
Madison Wisconsin

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Scenes from the West....just amazing!

Before I get to my main post today, I want to know if anyone knows why hummingbirds eat more after it has rained? We have a "hummer" (as we lovingly call them) feeder attached to our kitchen window over our deck. We have daily visits from these wonderful and amazing creatures.

Our weather has been notably rainy this year (not cold, mind you, just rainy) and as a result everything in our yard that is usually burned out (like our lawn) or dead (like my container flowers) are flourishing! However, the rainy weather has led to an interesting observation with regards to our hummingbird visitors.

It seems that during a rain storm or after it rains, we have a dramatic increase in visits to our hummingbird feeder. In fact, yesterday, the hummers almost drained the thing! This voracious appetite followed what was a terrible thunderstorm, for most of the night before, accompanied by very heavy rainfall.

We have been back from our vacation for a week and I'll have filled the hummingbird feeder twice, already! While this might not seem like a lot for some, it is a definite increase for our feeder. In fact, yesterday, we had hummers "dueling" it out for drinking spots! This has never happened before! They are very territorial creatures and I am sure one hummer felt this was his own personal, nutritional oasis!

So, I am back to my question.......Why does it seem that hummingbirds visit our feeders more during periods of rainy weather? If anyone knows the answer to this, I'd love to hear it!

As I stated, we have been back from our Western Trip for sometime now. I wrote, last week, about the wonderful experience we had hiking in the Rocky Mountain National Park. We arrived in Colorado via South Dakota and a visit to the Badlands, Custer State Park, and Mount Rushmore. All I can say is, amazing!

It is amazing that a group of men carved the faces of our country's great leaders into the side of a granite mountain! It is amazing how beautiful it is! The day we visited, there wasn't a cloud in the sky! It is amazing that we learned no one was killed during the carving of this beautiful and awe-inspiring monument! Amazing!

The Badlands! Amazing in their unique topography! Arising from the vast, flat openness of the prairie, the badlands are so amazingly odd in their appearance they are almost scary! You definitely get a sense of being in the old west and can almost picture the expression as explorers and cowpokes road across our prairies and came across this landscape! Amazing!

Custer State Park is amazing, too! It offers a lovely scenic drive through pine studded forests. And if you are a self-proclaimed conservationist/naturalist, like myself, you will be glad that places like Custer still exist. Cool, vibrantly green, and refreshing to the spirit! Amazing!

I have to add another amazing observation, here. We were amazingly disappointed that the Crazy Horse monument has not made more progress in the last 50 years! It will be quite a feat to finish this fine monument to one of our native americans, but it would have been nice to see some people working on it. Amazingly, very quiet, for the amount of work that still needs to take place. Amazing!

I will post some more of my photographs later today of these Amazing places out West. Please stop back to view those. In the meantime, can you answer my hummingbird question?
Have a great week! Carol


  1. Saw you on the etsy thread. Great blog!

    Stop on over and check mine out too!


  2. I love reading you blog post. My husband and I and My in laws and Brother in law. Drove 2 days from Kentucky to South Dakota. The trip was amazing we loved everything South Dakota and a visit to the Badlands, Custer State Park, and Mount Rushmore,Deadwood and Crazy Horse. It was a amazing trip.
    About your hummingbirds questions. I would love to know the answer. In the past week or so my moms feeders have been very busy. She has had more this year then she has ever had. Wonderful blog. Will be back to read more

  3. I don't know anything at all about hummingbirds, so I'm no help on your question.

    I love your photos though. It reminds me of when my mom, brother and I went on a road trip to the Badlands when I was a teenager. When we got to Mount Rushmore I just looked out the window and didn't even get out of the car! I was busy listening to the Fugees! Teenagers, I tell you! I would definitely appreciate it so much more now.

    Your photos are stunning!

  4. LOVE your pics from the West!!! Growing up in the FLAT midwest, I'm a sucker for different and interesting topography!!! :)

  5. The photos of your trip are great. I would really like to take a trip to see some of the sights; retirement is soon; maybe then.

  6. Lovely photos! I've been to many of these places - thank you for the trip down memory lane!

  7. Saw you from the etsy forums... great post. You have amazing photos!