Capitol City Visit

Capitol City Visit
Madison Wisconsin

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Butterflies Galore!

In one of my earlier posts, I described how my family raises monarch butterflies each summer. Please see post dated 6/30/10.

Today, we had 5 Monarch Butterfly births!

This whole process is so amazing.....we never tired of watching it! This is our seventh summer!
I am posting a few of my favorite pictures.........and at least one from today's excitement!

We had three boy butterflies and two girls! It was a beautiful, dry, hot day here in Wisconsin; so it didn't take them long to pump up their wings, dry out, and fly away!

Oh, and we always name our hatchlings!

Let me introduce you to Vincent, Gabe, Violet, Viola, and Veronica!

Please enjoy the photos! Comments are always appreciated! And FYI, please look for the top photo to be added to my etsy shop, as available to purchase as Fine Art Photography!

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Have a great day! Carol


  1. That's absolutely stunning!! Butterflies are something I take as magical. I cannot understand how there are brought or if and how they die. They seem like heavenly creatures to me.
    To be a part of their lives, to watch butterflies birth is something I can't grasp... I find it amazing.