Capitol City Visit

Capitol City Visit
Madison Wisconsin

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Local Festivals; Kornfest!

Well, this weekend our town is having its annual fest! We have a corn fest, but it is creatively spelled Kornfest! It does make our little town in West Central Wisconsin, hop!

For us, the event really signifies the end of will be starting again very soon! We usually attend the fireworks that kind of usher in the event on Friday night. This year was no different. It was a good show but we did miss the explosives being accompanied by music as they have done in some year's past. We attended we our neighbors, who have lived here a few years but never have been to this fireworks display. It was a nice, warm, summer night and very crowded!

Saturday, found us attending the parade in the morning to watch our high schooler march with the band. Getting into the drop off zone for the parade line up is always a major challenge and accomplishment if done in time to return to actually watch the parade! Our course, there is a carnival and games. Some of us attended that as well! And just in case you're wondering there is lots of corn! This year, it was 75 cents an ear! But it usually is very yummy! We do need to support the local farmers and economy, after all! Finally, we just can't seem to get away without eating a funnel cake! It was a sobering observation to realize that none of our waistlines need to experience the festival foods that are in abundance!

After those activities we found that we had enough festing. Today, we stayed out of the fray.....none of us like crowds too well. It is crowded and today, hot!

When we first moved to Wisconsin, some of our new neighbors laughed at our zeal to attend the local carnivals in our town and nearby towns. However, by doing so, we found which festivals we liked and which we didn't. We got a flavor of local Wisconsin and what is celebrated here. Over the years, we have stopped going to many, but it was a good experience to go! Those particular neighbors have long since moved, but admitted to us that they took our example and tried the many local festivals shortly after arriving in their new town, on the West Coast.

So, as Kornfest winds down, so does summer. Fall will be upon us soon, with the dazzling autumnal colors and cool, crisp mornings! I can hardly wait!

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Thanks, and have a great week! Carol

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