Capitol City Visit

Capitol City Visit
Madison Wisconsin

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Too many hobbies......time for writing! Seriously!

I just got home from a weekend away at our cabin in the Wisconsin Northwoods! And a fabulous weekend, it was! Our neighbors joined us (with their five kids in tow) and we really enjoyed all the Northwoods has to offer. We are getting to know our neighbors.....or rather, I am. I tend to be reserved and hang back longer than my husband, who is now involved in remodelling their kitchen! But, as the course of the weekend progressed, different topics were explored as topics of the conversational, get to know you! Eventually, the conversation ended up on writing.

Okay, now you all are thinking, this is Carol talking about writing her blog. Well, it wasn't! You see, I've always had a desire to write. And I've started many stories and written some non-fiction pieces in their entirety! I happen to like to write! And yes, I think that is somewhat unusual! I think writing can serve many purposes. It can be cathartic, it can be creative, it can be searching, or explorative. I like all forms of writing! I even still send snail-mail letters, when I have the time!

I've long had a desire to write and then, be published! I think that would be fabulous! To be able to say, I have a published book or story or article, would be a goal accomplished for me. And I've tried to work at it! I do realize that writing is something (like a craft) that has to be practiced and refined until, maybe, you finally get it right!

But, it is a craft that is hard to practice! I have made many attempts to write daily (not, at all, including my blog), somehow life always gets in the way! And I know the publishing world is hard....probably one of the hardest there is to crack! That may also stand in my way. But, I continue to love writing! And in explaining that to my new friend (my neighbor), I did admit that writing is something that I desire but know I really need to commit time to, seriously! She was floored to learn that I have several stories "in the works" and just have not "worked" on them for well over a year! The ideas are there, the work has not been!

On our way home from the "cabin" I was thinking, I do just need to commit some time to the craft of writing! I need to return to the story I started for middle-elementary readers and work on it. My children think it's good.....and so, it may be! I won't know unless I devote some time to it!

Obviously, that means time away from my jewelry! I don't know if I can do that! After all, we are headed into a busy time of year for crafts! I hosted a successful home show last year, and hope to again this fall! So, I am going to try, but we'll have to see! I know my blog is helping me to write (seriously) at least a couple times a week. That is a step in the right (write) direction! Thank you for reading it!

Have a great week! Carol


  1. You write and make jewelry, you are a woman after my own heart lol. Def. following! Glad you came back to the forums and posted your web addy again.

  2. Crafter and writer, how awesome :-)

  3. I say do both crafting and writing :) Just make a little time for them both each day and I bet you'll do fine. You're right about it being hard to get into the business of writing. Check out a book called the Writer's Market 2010 (or whatever year you buy it). Not only does it give you really great tips, but it gives you all the addresses and web addresses of publishers and magazines where you can submit your work.

  4. Blogging takes so much time, but it's totally worth it in the end :) I have made so many new friends through the blogosphere!

  5. Thanks for all the comments!

    Julie D. -- I have had two past copies of the Writer's Market! And there is one for children's writers too. I just have to get my writing finished and turned in to one of the many, many publishers! Thanks for the encouragement!