Capitol City Visit

Capitol City Visit
Madison Wisconsin

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Visit my newest Jewelry Creations and Giveaway Opportunity!

Well, today I am going to show you a couple of my newest creations. These pieces were made with beads bought in the Craft Barn at the YMCA of the Rockies last month! Page down to see my post about Crafting on Vacation!

I'm showing you these for two reasons;
1) I said that I would show what I created with some of the beads from my trip and
Both pieces are available and described in detail in my shop (see link below).
2) I want to make you aware of a special opportunity you have to win $25.00 of FREE merchandise from my shop!

From August 10th- September 9th, my shop is being featured on
This is a curated gallery (you must be accepted to the shadowbox feature to be shown). There are 17 great artists (not just jewelry) being showcased. Most of the shops, including mine, are offering a give away! The directions for each shop's giveaway is posted on their shadowbox page.

Mine directions are simple;
1) go to my shadow box at;

2) page down and leave a comment about your favorite piece on my shadow box or in my shop

3) you may leave a comment everyday to be entered more times (more chances to win).

4) if you follow my blog or sign up to follow my blog now, you may write a second comment on the shadow box that you are a blog follower. Same thing applies if you tweet about my shop or the shadow box. Come back to the comment page and post that. However, you only get one extra entry per blog following or tweeting. (You can tweet as much as you want but please, only post one comment about doing so! It only gets you one extra entry)!

Thanks! I hope you participate and win! The drawing will be on September 3rd by and I will announce the winner on my shadow box comment section, September 4th.
Good Luck!

The other shadow boxes can accessed here;
by clicking on the shop's featured piece in the main gallery.
Check them all out; there are some really talented artists and great giveaways!

I also wanted to let all my local followers know that I recently made a delivery to Coaches Corner in Holmen, Wisconsin of my Sports Themed Necklaces. These necklaces are made exclusively for Coaches Corner! Stop by the store and take a look! The picture above the post is of these pieces! Fall sports are featured; girls tennis and volleyball both with sterling charms, basketball and wrestling with pewter charms. Most of the necklaces have sun rock japser or gray-pink jasper semi-precious gemstones. If you have a special desire for one of these necklaces (perhaps in a different color combination), please contact me via the comment section or my shop page at;

Cabin Chic in Osseo, Wisconsin will be carrying a line of my Viking Goddess Rings.
Those are pictured above, as well.

Thank you for reading! As you know, I do not always promote my jewelry on this blog. My last post is on Harnessing Energy and includes a book review! If you have not read it, please take a look!
Have a great week! And good luck with my giveaway!


  1. Your jewelry are beautiful! Found you on etsy!
    Please stop by my page when you get a chance!