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Capitol City Visit
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Monday, August 2, 2010

What's the story? Creating unique pieces of jewelry, with a purpose.

I have often read that it is wise to "tell a story" when you list a piece of jewelry on etsy. Now, I usually don't do that, I have to admit. However, once in a while, a piece of jewelry is inspired by something extraordinary. I have decided to share one such experience with you in a new series called......What's the story? .....that I will run periodically.

The first piece I will share with you is the story of the FAITH bracelets that I make. No, there isn't one available in my shop right now. I'll explain the reason for that in a little bit.

The making of my first FAITH bracelet was inspired by a woman in California that I have never met! She had bought a few pieces of jewelry from me off of Ebay and custom ordered several more. After she had a few pieces of my jewelry, she e-mailed me to ask if I could make her a bracelet that said FAITH on it. She wanted it very understated but left the rest up to me, as far as design. I had no idea why she wanted it. All I knew of her is that she led a bible group and had special ordered bracelets for that group as Christmas presents. So, I came up with a design that met with her overwhelming approval as she stated that "I had read her mind" and it was exactly what she wanted. This bracelet is pictured with the black and gray beads on the red background. Almost a full year later, she contacted me about making one for her sister. She wanted it exactly the same, but I made it slightly different. During the course of that year, I had occasional emails from this woman who, I eventually learned, had a husband dying of cancer. She was my age. She had a son the age of one of my sons. I was more than happy to provide something that might comfort her in this very sad time in her life. Thus, the birth of my FAITH bracelet.

Another year went by. Another FAITH bracelet. We became close to one of my son's teachers. She was going through a tough situation regarding the health of an immediate family member. She was doing her best to be supportive, but I could tell she was wracked with concern. At the end of the school year, while the situation was still unresolved; I made her a FAITH bracelet. This was a present. This was my way of supporting a very supportive person and also thanking her for being a great teacher. This bracelet is the crystal copper and golden pearl FAITH bracelet picture. The bracelet was lovingly received. Fortunately, the health concerns were alleviated, too!

Although making these bracelets has been well received, they don't do well when I post them for sale. Therefore, I almost never post them now. I have the materials. I just don't seem to have a desire to make them unless there seems to be a need. For me, they symbolize FAITHFULNESS.

It recently came to me that part of the need to make these bracelets is therapy for myself. A few short weeks ago, upon returning home from vacation, we learned that a sweet teenager we had known, died from an inoperable brain tumor. She had known my son when they were in grade school and we knew their family. Unbelievably, to me, my first response to the news that she had passed away was to make her mother a FAITH bracelet. It then, became obvious to me, that this was a therapeutic activity for myself! This one is pictured with the lapis lazuli stones and blue crystals. I have sent it to the young girl's mom, in hopes that she might use it to remind her to let her FAITH get her through this time of grief and sadness just as she let her FAITH get her through her daughter's illness. Making and giving this bracelet was one of the ways I chose to try and understand this sad situation.

So, that is the story of my FAITH bracelets. I hope you like them. They all have significant meaning for me. They have all been bought or more recently, given, to women who have already possessed FAITH. Thank you for listening to my story on creating a unique piece of jewelry for a purpose!

Oh, and my neighbor now has one too......but her name is FAITH!
Have a good week! Carol


  1. Beautiful bacelets and the story behind them

  2. Beautiful bracelets and a great story behind them.

  3. Touching stories about your faith bracelets! They're beautiful.