Capitol City Visit

Capitol City Visit
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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

September Shop Snapshot!

Hello! I am going to offer a new type of post today for my blog! Instead of my Wordless Wednesday post, I am going to give you a snapshot of what type of September my shop,Carol's Jewelry Orchard, has had!

It has been a great month for me on Etsy and off.

September 2010:
Etsy Sales for Carol's Jewelry Orchard,
Eclectic Handcrafted Jewelry.

12 Etsy Orders (through 9/29/10) for September! A record for Carol's Jewelry Orchard!

1 Custom Order for a set of earrings.
Thank you!

1 Custom Order for a bookmark
(being discussed and not in the sales totals).
Keep Your Fingers Crossed!

Largest number of Visitors ever for Carol's Jewelry Orchard per Google Analytics.

Featured in a record number of Treasuries made by other etsians: 26!

Sold my First Viking Goddess Ring!

Sold one of my favorite pieces; Spring Peepers Frog Pendant Necklace! (Good-bye, Spring Peepers---I'll miss you!)

Sales off Etsy: Brisk!

Custom Order for 3 pieces-
One Necklace, One set of matching earrings, and one Viking Goddess Ring.

Sold 12 sports themed necklaces to Coaches Corner in Holmen, WI.

Sold 10 Viking Goddess Rings to Cabin Chic in Osseo, WI.

Sold 4 Bracelets and 1 necklace to Cabin Chic in Osseo, WI.

Sold One Necklace to Family Member.

Sold 2 Bracelets and a set of matching earrings to employees at Cabin Chic.

Sold 1 Necklace to employee of Cabin Chic.

As you can see, I've been busy! I am busy learning new techniques, too. One of these techniques is hammering my own earwires to pair with artisan made disc beads. I sold my first pair as a custom order! Now, there is a pair posted in my shop here:
Expect to see more of these and the disc beads in a multitude of seasonal colors!

The other special item I am in the process of putting together is a line of travel themed bracelets featuring my photography! These creations will be offered as a mixed media bracelet featuring charms, photographs from various exotic and common vacation spots and beads. I am excited to be able to post one soon and have a few available before the holiday rush! Stay tuned for their presentation!

Thanks for reading about my September Shop Snapshot. Next Wednesday, I'll return to my Wordless Wednesday post. This Sunday's post will feature Part II of my What's the Story....
Behind my Viking Goddess Line of Jewelry!

So, what does all this mean?! It means, come shop at Carol's Jewelry Orchard!!! We are gaining customers at a steady pace and aim high to provide our customers with unique, quality pieces of jewelry. Join us today and find out for yourself!

Have a Great Week!
Another great shop to check is;

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Remembering The Fun of Marching Band!

Good Sunday Morning!

Well, I have to admit that this week I am having a little trouble deciding what to write about! The ideas are certainly flowing! I need to complete Part II of my What's the story.....Behind my Viking Goddess line of Jewelry. I would also like to give you a "snapshot" of what September has been like for my shop success! But, I have finally decided to write about Remembering the Fun of Marching Band!

My high schooler is in marching band. This past week they had three parades to march in, locally. The week started last Sunday with a fairly long parade in a nearby town in Minnesota that celebrates the apple season. I had agreed to march along side as a water-helper (basically, a chaperone). It had been my first parade in over 30 years! You see, I also was a band nerd! Wow, did the memories start flooding back! The beat, the music, the moves in the street, the is exciting! And I have to admit, it filled me with pride!

Marching band is such a fun activity for our high school youth! Music can be such a wonderful part of life, well beyond high school. These teenagers commit to memorizing many pieces of music, giving up a Saturday or Sunday afternoon, being representative to their respective schools and communities, and showing up early for school several days a week to practice! It is to be commended! Often, it is not. In my opinion, not enough praise is given to our musical youth! But, I don't want to beat that drum today!

Today, is just to say; I remember the fun of marching band! It is great to see my child participate in an activity I once enjoyed so very much! The week of hard work was capped off yesterday by having our band "win" the parade judging for the third year in a row! Way to go! And thanks for letting some of your band parents participate! And remember!

Take Care and Thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

What's the Story......Behind my Viking Goddess Line of Jewelry? Part I.

Hello! This is the second in a regular series that I've come up with to give my readers and jewelry fans the story behind some of my jewelry pieces. Please refer to the post from August 2nd on my FAITH bracelets for the first article in this series.

This installment is: What's the Story......Behind my Viking Goddess Line of Jewelry?

This jewelry line is taking me on an interesting journey! The line was started as a idea to market some jewelry to our local residents. Our high school mascot is a Viking! I am selling sports related jewelry at Coaches Corner, a local sporting goods supplier for our town teams. It was a natural evolution. Our colors are maroon (or burgundy) and white. Gray is frequently paired with both of these colors for team apparel.

My Viking Goddess Rings, the first of which I sold just this week, are named for our local mascot! These rings have also proven to be popular in Osseo, Wisconsin at a gift boutique called Cabin Chic that carries my jewelry.

The rings were also a venture of mine into a new technique; that of wire wrapping. I have found that it is a technique that requires a fair amount of practice, patience, and skill. But one that I enjoy and will continue. Thus, my Viking Goddess line of jewelry was born!

After I made the rings, I used some of the same materials to make a Viking Goddess Necklace.
The common material is that of Swarovski brand glass pearls. Both of these pieces are pictured above. Believe it or not, the biggest problem for the local pieces of this jewelry line is the maroon color! Fortunately, the maroon swarovski glass pearls are just the right shade!

I plan other pieces for this line of jewelry! Some of the pieces will be in other colors! I have already started to venture into some rich fall shades for the Viking Goddess Rings. See the Carmel Cafe Viking Goddess Ring picture. All of these pieces are available in my etsy shop at;

Thus, is the story on my Viking Goddess line of jewelry. Part I. My family has often been teasing me about the name for these pieces (this line). My eldest, a teenager, said "Who was a Viking Goddess anyway, Mom?" Well, that comment, coupled with some of my friends who have told me that they love the name; spurred me on to find out! So, stay tuned for the next part of my Viking Goddess Line of Jewelry.....What's the Story? Part II will answer the question, my teenager asked!
I was curious, you might be too!

Thanks for reading.

Have a great weekend!

Monday, September 13, 2010

A Great Fall Day!

Good Monday Morning!

Another Beautiful, Fall day is upon us here in Western Wisconsin! The sun is shining brightly and although it is cool and crisp right now, the weatherman promises a warm up to the mid-70's!

Just right for some fall gardening!

Last Wednesday, was a day very much like today. It was a great fall day! In the morning, my hubby and I went on a mini-road trip to Winona, Minnesota. He had heard of a restore (resale) place there and wanted to check it out. "What for?", I asked. "I'm looking for windows", he replied! Well, we aren't building a house or cabin at the present time. So, I had a feeling I knew what the window search was for. It was for a solar heater for his barn woodshop! He had built one a few years ago and it does a great job, now he wants to make another or maybe a solar kiln!

The morning turned out to be well spent! The restore, as it happens, is associated with habitat for humanity. We did find two, brand new, large (4 ft. by 4 ft) windows. We bought them! They were even on sale. And we were able to help out a good cause in the process; Habitat for Humanity! Wow! What a thrill! At one point in our lives, we did a lot of hunting for bargains at this type of store. We had renovated a Federal Period house and that took a lot of hunting, due to a fixed budget. However, it turned out lovely. And I had forgotten how fun it was to "rummage" for a "good find". I'm sure that the solar kiln and/or heater will turn out well, too!

The day was so beautiful that in the afternoon, I planted over 50 spring bulbs and 8 mum plants. Although, I've been a gardener for many years, the last time I planted that many bulbs in one sitting was about 10 years ago! I was digging in sandy soil then. Now, it's clay soil. But this was a new garden bed with fresh topsoil! It was a dream to plant in! I even used my "antique" bulb planter that I've had forever and never used! It worked so well!

So, I'm up for another day like last Wednesday!
Here's hoping we all have a Great Fall Day!

And don't forget to check out my shop! I have been adding some new creations and things are picking up for the holidays, so don't miss out!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Fabulous Friday Finds.....Horses, A New Love, Treasury.

This horse themed necklace is made from polymer clay and leather cording, accented with copper beads and a copper clasp! This line has proved to be a popular one for me! The last picture is the only one I still have available in my shop. But, look for more to come. I'll be making more necklaces this weekend and bracelets right after that! The link to my shop is;
If you are local, I just delivered some horse themed pieces to Cabin Chic in Osseo, Wisconsin.
Stop by and check them out!

It has been a busy week! I missed posting my Wordless Wednesday due to a short "field trip" my husband and I took! More about that in a later post. We bought windows.....hmmmmm. You'll never guess what for! Needless to say, we both got a thrill out of it! And the rest of that day was glorious! I was even able to do some fall plantings in our yard. I put in over 50 bulbs and 8 mums in two small roadside gardens. Man, I just love digging in the dirt!

So, please check out the horse treasury! If you click on the picture, once you are on etsy, it will take you to that person's shop.....many beautiful items in a variety of shops! Please visit!

Thanks for stopping by, and have a great weekend!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Hummingbirds, Part II

Good Sunday Morning!

This is a follow up post on Hummingbirds. I posted earlier this summer on these wonderful creatures and asked a question of my readership. Why do hummers visit my feeder more during and right after, rain storms? Well, no one claimed to have an answer. So, I did some reading and research myself. I found a great segment on the PBS Show, the Wisconsin Gardener on hummingbirds. The person being interviewed gave a great explanation. She stated that when there is heavy rain, (of which we have had a lot of this summer in Wisconsin), the nectar in the flowers becomes diluted. She also stated that on very hot days, nectar production is decreased or even stops in some flowers! So, considering the hot, wet summer we have had; no wonder I have noticed an increase in hummers at my feeder! And the dilution of the nectar makes sense; these tiny, highly active birds intuitively seek a food source (the feeder) that will provide them with the sugar content (or energy source) they need. Diluted flower nectar just won't cut it!

Did you also know that it is a myth that you have to take your hummingbird feeder down when the weather starts to cool? Hummingbird migration is based on length of day, not whether or not you still have your feeder up! These tiny creatures will know when it is time to skip town, no matter what you do with your feeder! In fact, the woman in the PBS hummingbird segment suggests leaving the feeders up late into the fall, so as to provide a food source to any late migrants. I'll be doing that this year.

I make my own nectar for my feeder. The recipe is Hot Water and Sugar in a ratio of 4 cups water to one cup sugar. Make sure you wait for it to cool before filling the feeder and putting it out. You also need to keep it clean!

Hummers are still visiting my feeder frequently on a daily basis. My cats continue to be very interested in these visitors. One of my felines will pounce at the feeder when a hummer approaches or is feeding. My other cat simply watches these colorful, busy, almost nervous appearing birds. The pictures I posted are of the "watching cat".

Lastly, I'll leave you with the link to the Wisconsin Gardener segment. Enjoy!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Wordless Wednesday Post on Flora and Fauna of the Rocky Mountain National Park

Wordless Wednesday Post; Scenes of Flora and Fauna in the Rocky Mountain National Park while hiking...... and a picture of a big rock (why they call it the Rocky Mountains) that looks like a profile to me! Can you see it? Thanks for looking!