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Capitol City Visit
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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Remembering The Fun of Marching Band!

Good Sunday Morning!

Well, I have to admit that this week I am having a little trouble deciding what to write about! The ideas are certainly flowing! I need to complete Part II of my What's the story.....Behind my Viking Goddess line of Jewelry. I would also like to give you a "snapshot" of what September has been like for my shop success! But, I have finally decided to write about Remembering the Fun of Marching Band!

My high schooler is in marching band. This past week they had three parades to march in, locally. The week started last Sunday with a fairly long parade in a nearby town in Minnesota that celebrates the apple season. I had agreed to march along side as a water-helper (basically, a chaperone). It had been my first parade in over 30 years! You see, I also was a band nerd! Wow, did the memories start flooding back! The beat, the music, the moves in the street, the is exciting! And I have to admit, it filled me with pride!

Marching band is such a fun activity for our high school youth! Music can be such a wonderful part of life, well beyond high school. These teenagers commit to memorizing many pieces of music, giving up a Saturday or Sunday afternoon, being representative to their respective schools and communities, and showing up early for school several days a week to practice! It is to be commended! Often, it is not. In my opinion, not enough praise is given to our musical youth! But, I don't want to beat that drum today!

Today, is just to say; I remember the fun of marching band! It is great to see my child participate in an activity I once enjoyed so very much! The week of hard work was capped off yesterday by having our band "win" the parade judging for the third year in a row! Way to go! And thanks for letting some of your band parents participate! And remember!

Take Care and Thanks for stopping by!

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