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Capitol City Visit
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Saturday, September 18, 2010

What's the Story......Behind my Viking Goddess Line of Jewelry? Part I.

Hello! This is the second in a regular series that I've come up with to give my readers and jewelry fans the story behind some of my jewelry pieces. Please refer to the post from August 2nd on my FAITH bracelets for the first article in this series.

This installment is: What's the Story......Behind my Viking Goddess Line of Jewelry?

This jewelry line is taking me on an interesting journey! The line was started as a idea to market some jewelry to our local residents. Our high school mascot is a Viking! I am selling sports related jewelry at Coaches Corner, a local sporting goods supplier for our town teams. It was a natural evolution. Our colors are maroon (or burgundy) and white. Gray is frequently paired with both of these colors for team apparel.

My Viking Goddess Rings, the first of which I sold just this week, are named for our local mascot! These rings have also proven to be popular in Osseo, Wisconsin at a gift boutique called Cabin Chic that carries my jewelry.

The rings were also a venture of mine into a new technique; that of wire wrapping. I have found that it is a technique that requires a fair amount of practice, patience, and skill. But one that I enjoy and will continue. Thus, my Viking Goddess line of jewelry was born!

After I made the rings, I used some of the same materials to make a Viking Goddess Necklace.
The common material is that of Swarovski brand glass pearls. Both of these pieces are pictured above. Believe it or not, the biggest problem for the local pieces of this jewelry line is the maroon color! Fortunately, the maroon swarovski glass pearls are just the right shade!

I plan other pieces for this line of jewelry! Some of the pieces will be in other colors! I have already started to venture into some rich fall shades for the Viking Goddess Rings. See the Carmel Cafe Viking Goddess Ring picture. All of these pieces are available in my etsy shop at;

Thus, is the story on my Viking Goddess line of jewelry. Part I. My family has often been teasing me about the name for these pieces (this line). My eldest, a teenager, said "Who was a Viking Goddess anyway, Mom?" Well, that comment, coupled with some of my friends who have told me that they love the name; spurred me on to find out! So, stay tuned for the next part of my Viking Goddess Line of Jewelry.....What's the Story? Part II will answer the question, my teenager asked!
I was curious, you might be too!

Thanks for reading.

Have a great weekend!

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