Capitol City Visit

Capitol City Visit
Madison Wisconsin

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Arg!!!! I hate wasting time!

Good Wednesday Morning! Instead of my Wordless Wednesday posting I need to "vent" about wasting time! I had a morning yesterday, where I felt about 2 hours of my time was wasted and then, it got worse!

I absolutely hate wasting time! Time is a precious thing! As I've told you before, I am a very goal directed person and to meet the goals I set for myself, I am almost constantly in motion. Rarely, do I engage in "doing" nothing. Yes, I can be a self-described type A personality or said to be "wound tight". But, I do get a lot done and am successful at most of what I do.

However, yesterday morning, I ran into technical difficulties. I was working on invitations to my second annual jewelry showing. This year, I had decided to save ink and just upload my pictures to Walmart. After spending almost two hours uploading and checking the cropping, I went to order the pictures......then, the site asks again if I want "true" 4x6 prints or 4x6 prints. Well, to make a long story short I wanted the "true" prints so the whole image would show.

Then, the order showed that some (about half) of the prints had been converted and the other half weren't. Well, I figured that the most important print was the invitation with the text layered over a picture of coreopsis from my yard (very fallish.....since my show will be in November). I definitely didn't want the print cropped off!

After adjustments were made and saved, I went to upload and now the picture would not upload! ARG!!!! Truly, I am not a technical idiot! I am computer savvy and this was extremely irritating! Finally, I got it uploaded and saved. I sent in the order!

Later in the afternoon, I went to pick up the order was fine! Except for the fact that after all that messing around I ended up forgetting that I needed about 30 of this one photograph (the invite with the text) and got one instead! (My 30 must have been deleted after the upload failed).

I admit that as the morning wore on, I became more and more frustrated! My frustration prevented me from seeing that on my order I only had one text/photo! So, much time was wasted yesterday! Obviously, I'll need to resubmit that picture today! In hindsight, I was trying to save time and money by having my photos printed at an outside lab. Now, I realize it would have been easier, a lot more time efficient, and probably about the same cost to print the photos myself! Oh, well.....there's always next year!

I'm off to resubmit my photo and finish my invitations! Hopefully, my time will be better spent today!

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  1. Sorry about the technical difficulties but congratulations on the art show! That is wonderful!

  2. Oh I can soooo relate to this post!


  3. Ooh! I can't wait until I get my invitation! And I hope to bring a buddy (no, not the daughter--but she wears her tennis necklace ALL THE TIME!!)


  4. I hate moments like that. I'm very laid back, but technical difficulties always get me riled up. Because I know how it SHOULD work and it just WON'T.