Capitol City Visit

Capitol City Visit
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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Dams, Flooding, and Flocking!!!! Oh, my!

Good Morning! I know I usually do a Wordless Wednesday post but today I'd like to write!

First, I am going to try and post my Item of the Day here on my blog! It will be an item from my shop offered at a discounted (usually hugely discounted price). But, the clinker is; it will only be offered at that price for the day it is listed as the Item of the Day. The sale expires at 11pm EST each day! For all my local customers, if I know you (like you were just at my home jewelry show), you will not have to pay shipping on any item of the day or piece from my shop for that matter! I must know you personally for you to get the waive on the shipping fees, so that I can safely and personally deliver the item to you!

With that all said, my ITEM OF THE DAY for 11/17/10 is;
It was $30.00, today it is only $20.00. Sale offer good until 11 pm EST tonight! The bracelet is pictured above and contains all sterling silver, swarovski crystals, and artisan made fused glass beads all in a lovely Caribbean Blue Color. Reminds me of the Turquoise Blue Waters of Bermuda. Sterling Silver has greatly gone up in price within the last few months. All of my new jewelry creations will have to carry a higher price if made with sterling. Grab the pieces made with sterling in my shop now to get great value on some lovely, handcrafted but underpriced jewelry!

Look for My Item of the Day post here, each day leading up to the holidays!

Now for my main post!
I went to a cookie decorating class last night! It was very nice! The instructor knew her stuff and could explain how to decorate the cookies (cutouts) very simply! I love cutout cookies and have always wanted to take mine up a notch......I'd love them to look like the cookies in those holiday magazine articles!

First, we damned the cookies! No, no......were weren't mad at them; we were making a border or outline of the areas to be filled in. This was done with a thicker Royal Frosting. I 've done this before but alas, one of my damns broke! D.......*!>*^!

Next, we flooded the cookies! No, no.....not with tears of frustration, but with a thinner version of the Royal Frosting! Now, I had done this before, too. But, I learned last night that you can just thin out the thicker royal frosting that you had in your pastry bag for outlining with a little water! Whoa.....go slow adding the water! If you thin it too much; your frosting will never harden! I also have always "flooded" with a pastry bag. This instructor had us do it with a spoon! It worked pretty slick!

And lastly, we did a little flocking.......from reading my Martha Stewart Living Magazines in the past......I know that the word flocking does lend itself to more that what you do in cardmaking or scrapbooking......more than in jewelry box making......The word flocking applies to cookie decorating, too!

It was a fun class. The only downer was that I ate both the cookies that I decorated and upon my arrival home, my family wanted to know where their cookies were!!!!! I guess I'll be making some real soon!

Have a Wonderful Wednesday!

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