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Capitol City Visit
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Sunday, November 7, 2010

I'm a weirdo.....I know!

Okay, now I'm going to admit being a weirdo! I love to volunteer!

This week, I resumed volunteering where my sons have gone to school. It is something I have done for the last 11 years! Yeah, that is a long time. However, it is something that I truly enjoy!

I think I'm lucky to be able to volunteer. I love working with children and helping, in some small way, to "plant a seed" in their minds. The "seed" could be knowledge, curiosity, caring, encouragement, creativity, or any number of other things!

I have tried, this year, to consolidate my volunteering. Instead of running back and forth several times a week to school, I am going in on one day. In the morning, on my day of volunteering, I am leading a book club for first graders! It is the third year I have done this activity for the same teacher! I love it! The first graders are the "higher level readers" in this particular classroom, so I just get to work on fluency and comprehension. Most of them do a really good job reading, already. As I said, I feel really fortunate to be able to lead this book club! I enjoy picking out the book for each week and seeing the students enjoy the story, as well as the time we spend together.

Then, in the afternoon, I will be facilitating a writer's circle for a third grade classroom. This is new for me! It will be a welcome challenge. I like to write! Unfortunately, I've started a number of articles, stories, lesson plans, and few are continued to their end. It will be a challenge to guide some "budding" writers, especially when they are still learning writing conventions and finding their voice. Yet, I am still very much looking forward to this!

It may be that my love of reading ignites my interest in writing. I do know that the more I read, the more I am stimulated to write. In the first week of my writers circle, that is the one thing I tried to impress upon my group of third graders, great writers read a lot!

So, I came home late last week exhilarated!!! I am fortunate to be a volunteer and fortunate to be able to volunteer to do something I love! Thank you to my childrens' teachers, past and present, for allowing me to contribute! I encourage you all to try and volunteer. Pick an activity you love or a cause your are passionate about; you're sure to love being a volunteer, too!
Thanks for visiting my blog today! Have a great week!

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  1. What a nice post. I've been a volunteer for scouts for almost 20 years. It's been a fabulous experience for me as well as the scouts and other adult leaders I have trained.There is nothing like the feeling you get when someone tells you what a difference you made in their life. Priceless.

    No matter where you volunteer, just go out there and do it.