Capitol City Visit

Capitol City Visit
Madison Wisconsin

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Two Day Earring Sale

Still Holiday Shopping??????

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Happy Shopping!!!!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Wright Brothers Day!

Good Morning!

Today is Wright Brothers Day! December 17th!

On this day in 1903, the Wright Brothers, near Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, took that first flight that propelled them to fame! The flight only lasted 12 seconds and went 120 feet but was enough to show them that their hard work paid off!

Throughout our history, people such as the Wright Brothers inspire us to pursue our dreams and keep trying until you've got it right!

This information was obtained from the Critical Thinking Catalog Parent Newsletter
found here;

Have a Great Friday! Thanks for stopping by!

And FYI; I am leaving my Red Jasper Multi-straned bracelet as my item of the day for another day; 12/17/10. The item of the day will change tomorrow! This bracelet was $30.00 and now is only $22.00. Thanks for your interest!


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Wonderful Wacky Wednesday in Western Wisconsin, Cleaning up After the Winter Wonderland!

Wonderful Wacky Wednesday in Western Wisconsin!

Wow! It has been a wacky weather week!
We have had feet of snow here in Western Wisconsin!

Friday night we made way for our cabin in the Northwoods of Wisconsin for a weekend of sledding and relaxation! We got more than we bargained for! By late Friday night, the snow had started. Luckily, we were safe and warm in our cozy cabin. When we awoke Saturday morning, we had blizzard like conditions! It was snowing hard and the blustery winds were blowing the white flakes everywhere! Truly, a winter wonderland set amongst white birch and white pine trees. Well, the weather never really broke; it snowed all day! It was so cold, windy, and snowy that we didn't even go outside!

All was not lost! Christmas cutout cookies were entire family tried the damning, flooding, and flocking I wrote of in a prior post! Of course, we had to eat some, too! After dinner, we settled down to watch one of our favorite holiday movies on DVD.....White Christmas! You can't help but feel good and warm after watching that wonderful movie!

We had warned our children that if the plow didn't come down the road (a dead-end) on Sunday, we would be not leaving! Luckily, I had the cell phone to be able to call in their potential absence from school! We went to bed somewhat resigned to the fact that we might be staying at the cabin longer than planned! What the heck, we were warm, we had food, and we were safe!

Well, as luck would have it, Sunday morning greeted us with blue skies! The plow graced our culde-de-sac by 10am! We would be going home! Our children would be in school Monday morning! Surprisingly, the drive home was not bad. We found it interesting how some towns had cleaned up, post storm, already; while other towns had done a sloppy job!

The big shock came as we reached our driveway at home! We had known we weren't going to be able to get in! But, after parking at our neighbor's farmhouse, walking through 4 foot drifts was daunting! My husband skipped dinner and started the clean up! Two and a half hours later, we were plowed out enough to be able to leave the driveway in the morning. And in another three hours Monday morning, he cleaned up the rest of the driveway and front walk! This was truly a storm!

I have to admit, that after growing up in Western New York and experiencing lake effect squalls and huge blizzards; sometimes we laugh at the winter weather here! This time was different!
The weathermen got it right! The storm came, Western Wisconsin was a Winter Wonderland, and finally on this Wonderful Wacky Wednesday, we are dug out and back to normal. Just in time for the next storm!

Happy holidays! Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, December 13, 2010


Good Monday Morning!

I thought that today I would post on the Poinsettia Plant! Many of us adorn our homes with this beautiful plant, once thought of as a weed, at this time of year! As a master gardener volunteer, I have taught a group of school aged children, each year for the last seven years about some of our most popular holiday plants. Here is a fact sheet on the poinsettia!


  • Poinsettias are native to Mexico- Chile, Peru, and Brazil. In those places, the plant has other names; Crown of the Andes & Flores de Noche Buena (Flowers of the Holy Night).
  • Poinsettias botanical name is Euphorbia pulcherrima which means “very beautiful” –the plants belong to a family of plants that ooze a milk-like sap. This sap can be irritating to skin.
  • When poinsettias grow in nature, they can be over 10 feet tall and are considered flowering shrubs. (This is in Mexico).
  • Poinsettias were introduced to The United States in 1825 by Joel Poinsett, for whom the flower is named (in the U.S. only).
  • The colored parts of the plant are the leaves or bracts. The flowers are in the center of each set of bracts. The freshest flowers have little or no pollen fallen from around their bracts.
  • Contrary to popular belief, poinsettias are NOT poisonous. An Ohio State study found that a 50 pound child would have to eat over 500 bracts to get a mild stomach ache. This does not mean that you eat them, however! The Aztecs used this plant for medicinal purposes in the 1400s. However, I do not suggest you eat this plant for any reason!
  • Poinsettias are the most popular holiday plant today. Most are grown in California at the Paul Ecke Ranch. There are over 100 different kinds!
  • December 12th is National Poinsettia Day.
  • There are legends associated with the poinsettia plant. Many stories and even a few movies tell these stories.
  • It is debatable how the word poinsettia is pronounced. It is somewhat like the word tomato (having two separate pronunciations, acceptable).
  • One of the best showings of poinsettias I've ever seen is at Longwood Gardens in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania.
  • Last December, I saw poinsettias growing like a hedge on the island of Maui!
  • Although poisettias come in many colors, red is still most popular!
Enjoy these special holiday plants! And while you've got a moment stop by my etsy shop for any last minute gifts you might need! I am running a 20% off sale on everything..........just enter the coupon code at check out ..... happyholidays20.

Thanks for stopping by,

Monday, December 6, 2010

Item of the Day Sale!

Good Monday Morning!!!

Today, My Item of the Day is a Stunning Pair of Sahara Swarovski Crystal Cosmic Ring Earrings. (see the above picture)

These are made with Sterling Chain and Sterling Earwires! They are a dangle style and will hang so the person looking at you will notice the beautiful, irridescent colors and unique quality of this piece of jewelry! Sure to get you some nice compliments!

Usually, these are $16.00! Today only they are $12.00!!!!! WOW!
Buy now, the sale ends at 11pm EST tonight and I know some customers are already watching for these!

Please check my etsy shop announcement for other sales!

Thanks for checking in today!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Holiday Arts and Crafts Show!

Wow! What a busy week it has been!
I have been busy, busy, busy this week!
And I haven't even decorated my house for the holidays yet!

One of the things keeping me busy this week was the local Arts and Crafts show I was in yesterday. Unfortunately, we had our first snow storm of the year here in the Coulee Region of Wisconsin. Friday night, it starting coming down and by early morning Saturday, we had about 6 inches of snow! Luckily, my husband got our driveway plowed before I had to leave for the art show. The art show took place at a local mall, near our house, so it wasn't too bad of a drive to get there! However, I think the snow kept people home or possibly made them forget about the show!

The show was a good experience for me, but it was very slow!!! This was the case for all vendors, not just me! And of course, as is common lately, lots of jewelry vendors! This was only my second show. I really wanted to do it to gain a local business presence. So, although monetarily, it was not great (I did make back my booth fee and some additional); I did use the opportunity to network with local artists and promote my etsy shop. I handed out a lot of business cards. I obtained a list of local shows and kept my ears open for what shows were successful for people. I came home tired and happy, still in possession of many pieces of jewelry; but wiser! I will be checking my google analytics to see if more local people are viewing my jewelry!

The show also spurred me on in thinking of the direction my jewelry would take in the next year. I have set some goals;

-I will make a business facebook page
-I will make a website (off etsy)
-I will do a larger, juried art show
-I will make a new line of branded jewelry
-I will display my pieces of jewelry differently
-I will no longer pursue those ventures that are unproductive or unsuccessful

Already, I have put some of the ideas into action! I started a working on a website last night and will get a facebook business page up before the end of this month.

November, again, was successful for my jewelry. Again, my biggest sales of the year will be from my Annual Jewelry Show at my house. I am completing the last of my special orders for that. My etsy shop sales were slow in November; lagging behind my September and October. That is all fine; given the success of my home show. So, all in all, I am very positive about my jewelry ventures in 2010.

I'm looking forward to an even bigger, better 2011 for Carol's Jewelry Orchard.
To thank you for your support; I am currently offering 20% off everything in my shop. Just put happyholidays20 as the coupon code on the etsy check out page for my shop.

Happy Holidays,

Friday, December 3, 2010

Weekend Plans?

Good Friday Morning!

What are your weekend plans?

Well, if you are local to the La Crosse Area I will have my jewelry at Art Fair in the Square in Holmen, tomorrow! I will have all my handcrafted jewelry displayed and available to purchase! Please stop by and visit! The sale runs 10am- 4pm. Come early for best selection!


Coming soon; my November shop snapshot!