Capitol City Visit

Capitol City Visit
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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Wonderful Wacky Wednesday in Western Wisconsin, Cleaning up After the Winter Wonderland!

Wonderful Wacky Wednesday in Western Wisconsin!

Wow! It has been a wacky weather week!
We have had feet of snow here in Western Wisconsin!

Friday night we made way for our cabin in the Northwoods of Wisconsin for a weekend of sledding and relaxation! We got more than we bargained for! By late Friday night, the snow had started. Luckily, we were safe and warm in our cozy cabin. When we awoke Saturday morning, we had blizzard like conditions! It was snowing hard and the blustery winds were blowing the white flakes everywhere! Truly, a winter wonderland set amongst white birch and white pine trees. Well, the weather never really broke; it snowed all day! It was so cold, windy, and snowy that we didn't even go outside!

All was not lost! Christmas cutout cookies were entire family tried the damning, flooding, and flocking I wrote of in a prior post! Of course, we had to eat some, too! After dinner, we settled down to watch one of our favorite holiday movies on DVD.....White Christmas! You can't help but feel good and warm after watching that wonderful movie!

We had warned our children that if the plow didn't come down the road (a dead-end) on Sunday, we would be not leaving! Luckily, I had the cell phone to be able to call in their potential absence from school! We went to bed somewhat resigned to the fact that we might be staying at the cabin longer than planned! What the heck, we were warm, we had food, and we were safe!

Well, as luck would have it, Sunday morning greeted us with blue skies! The plow graced our culde-de-sac by 10am! We would be going home! Our children would be in school Monday morning! Surprisingly, the drive home was not bad. We found it interesting how some towns had cleaned up, post storm, already; while other towns had done a sloppy job!

The big shock came as we reached our driveway at home! We had known we weren't going to be able to get in! But, after parking at our neighbor's farmhouse, walking through 4 foot drifts was daunting! My husband skipped dinner and started the clean up! Two and a half hours later, we were plowed out enough to be able to leave the driveway in the morning. And in another three hours Monday morning, he cleaned up the rest of the driveway and front walk! This was truly a storm!

I have to admit, that after growing up in Western New York and experiencing lake effect squalls and huge blizzards; sometimes we laugh at the winter weather here! This time was different!
The weathermen got it right! The storm came, Western Wisconsin was a Winter Wonderland, and finally on this Wonderful Wacky Wednesday, we are dug out and back to normal. Just in time for the next storm!

Happy holidays! Thanks for stopping by!

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