Capitol City Visit

Capitol City Visit
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Monday, October 25, 2010

Blog Giveaway Winner; October!

We have a winner!
Congrats to Zoe, give away blog post comment, number 4!
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Timestamp: 2010-10-26 01:47:40 UTC

Zoe; please contact me with your address, so that I may mail the fused glass necklace to you in honor of Breast Cancer awareness month! Again, congratulations!

Thanks to all who entered! Please continue to follow my blog for more musings on gardening, children, music, book, and of course, jewelry! Coming soon; my October Shop Snapshot! (How Carol's Jewelry Orchard did in October!)

Have a great evening!


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Arg!!!! I hate wasting time!

Good Wednesday Morning! Instead of my Wordless Wednesday posting I need to "vent" about wasting time! I had a morning yesterday, where I felt about 2 hours of my time was wasted and then, it got worse!

I absolutely hate wasting time! Time is a precious thing! As I've told you before, I am a very goal directed person and to meet the goals I set for myself, I am almost constantly in motion. Rarely, do I engage in "doing" nothing. Yes, I can be a self-described type A personality or said to be "wound tight". But, I do get a lot done and am successful at most of what I do.

However, yesterday morning, I ran into technical difficulties. I was working on invitations to my second annual jewelry showing. This year, I had decided to save ink and just upload my pictures to Walmart. After spending almost two hours uploading and checking the cropping, I went to order the pictures......then, the site asks again if I want "true" 4x6 prints or 4x6 prints. Well, to make a long story short I wanted the "true" prints so the whole image would show.

Then, the order showed that some (about half) of the prints had been converted and the other half weren't. Well, I figured that the most important print was the invitation with the text layered over a picture of coreopsis from my yard (very fallish.....since my show will be in November). I definitely didn't want the print cropped off!

After adjustments were made and saved, I went to upload and now the picture would not upload! ARG!!!! Truly, I am not a technical idiot! I am computer savvy and this was extremely irritating! Finally, I got it uploaded and saved. I sent in the order!

Later in the afternoon, I went to pick up the order was fine! Except for the fact that after all that messing around I ended up forgetting that I needed about 30 of this one photograph (the invite with the text) and got one instead! (My 30 must have been deleted after the upload failed).

I admit that as the morning wore on, I became more and more frustrated! My frustration prevented me from seeing that on my order I only had one text/photo! So, much time was wasted yesterday! Obviously, I'll need to resubmit that picture today! In hindsight, I was trying to save time and money by having my photos printed at an outside lab. Now, I realize it would have been easier, a lot more time efficient, and probably about the same cost to print the photos myself! Oh, well.....there's always next year!

I'm off to resubmit my photo and finish my invitations! Hopefully, my time will be better spent today!

Please take a minute to enter my blog giveaway for a beautiful, one of a kind fused glass pendant necklace. It ends 10/25/10. Just leave a comment on the blog post describing the giveaway (two posts ago), and you'll be entered! Right now, only one person has entered!


Sunday, October 17, 2010

Fall is time for planting Spring Bulbs!

We have had just a beautiful October here in Western Wisconsin. In fact, we could use a little rain! After a very wet summer, I am surprised I am saying that! But it's true.

The great weather has allowed us to get many things done outside in our yard in some very comfortable temperatures. In an earlier post, I told of a couple new garden beds at the end of our new driveway where I planted bulbs and mums. We had another area near the end of the driveway that we put a new bed because we were having a hard time getting new grass to grow.

So, on a recent, beautifully warm, October day I planted more spring bulbs. This garden will be pink and white! It will have a mix of crocus, hyacinths, tulips, and asiatic lilies. It should be gorgeous come next April/May! The planting of the pink and white was a spur of the moment decision. I'm not sure what exactly prompted it. It could be that October is Breast Cancer awareness month. It could be that my Mom just had a breast biopsy. Thankfully, she is fine.
It could be that I've always wanted to do a theme garden and never have! It just could be as simple as liking pink and white! I'll be sure to post some pictures next spring! I can't wait to see the results!

Do you know why you spring bulbs in the fall? Bulbs are food storage systems. These particular plants need the cold winter months to grow roots. When the time is right, in the spring, the plants sleeping inside these bulb "packages" will awaken and provide us with their encouraging beauty at a time we all need renewal. The tunic or paper like covering on the outside of a bulb, helps to protect it. The plant itself is deep within. The basal plate, found at the bottom of the bulb, provides the stability the plant needs and will be the source of newly growing roots. Spring bulbs are some of my favorite plants! You can plant bulbs right up until the ground is frozen! So, head over to your local home/garden store and get a few bulbs! You'll be glad you did next Spring!

This is a great time to remind you that I am hosting my first blog giveaway! It is in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month and is a pink fused glass pendant necklace, surrounded by Swarovski crystals. It is a one of a kind creation. Enter today! To learn how to enter, just read the next post here on my blog! It is simple! I hope you enter! Good luck to all!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Breast Cancer Awareness Give Away..........

Announcing A New Give honor of October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I am giving away this beautiful, handcrafted PINK necklace from my shop on October 25th!

Here is how to enter;

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5) Link this post to your blog; come back and post the link in comments here.

This piece of jewelry is a one of a kind creation! It has a beautiful focal piece of dichroic or fused glass made by an artisan in Maryland. The rest of the piece includes miyuki seed beads and swarovski crystals in all shades of pink and a slight touch of lavender. The clasp is a lead free pewter leaf toggle that is easy to work. The necklace is 20 inches long. I have long sold similar pieces at gift boutiques. This has an approximate retail value of $25.00.
Good luck!

The winner will be picked via on October 25th. I will post the winner, here on my blog. Be sure to stop back and check if you have won! Thanks for your interest in my handcrafted jewelry!


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wordless Wednesday.... New Additions in my shop!

Wordless Wednesday........................Stay tuned for an upcoming giveaway!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Homecoming.............A time to remember!

Usually, I am a person that lives in the present and looks to the future. I am also very goal oriented. It is rare for me to look back, for I am always moving forward. However, this weekend presented a rare occasion to do just that! It was Homecoming Weekend for our local High School. What a busy weekend it was, too!

It all starts with the prep, earlier in the week; the floats are being built at the various schools, including the elementary schools, the band is practicing for the parade and field show during half time at the football game, special t-shirts are ordered, dates are made, corsages are ordered and the whole community seems to get in the festive Homecoming mood.

What really helped this year was the weather! It was about 85 degrees here in Western Wisconsin! What a gorgeous fall day we had! In fact, the entire weekend was sunny and down right HOT!

I wasn't going to the parade this year, as I had seen it before and didn't feel I needed to see it again. BUT, my middle child joined the choir this year and it was his first chance to walk in the parade AND my high schooler was marching with the band! So, at the last minute, I decided to go. I had errands to run and decided that my kids are only young once and I should enjoy seeing them participate in school activities. I'm glad I went. I enjoyed it and got some great pictures.

Friday night proceeded with the festivities of the game, half time show, and dance! Many milestones were being past this weekend........My son had a "real" date and since he recently got his driver's license was able to pick her up and go to the dance; without a chauffeur! I missed out on pictures of course, but in the digital age; we had these by Saturday afternoon from his "group of friends".

This was all fun and exciting but the biggest impetus for me to look back this weekend was that the high school year books were distributed. Last night, I finally got a chance to sit down and look at a modern day year book, in full color, no less! What a great keepsake! And after carefully looking at the 2010 yearbook; out came all four of mine! I won't tell you the years.....but high school was many, many years ago for me! I had a great time reading the notes from former friends, remembering little things that I had since forgotten in my forward moving life, and thinking about "way back when".

As I said, I don't do it often, but I did look back last night! It was fun. I was able to share some of the pictures and stories from my high school days with my high schooler. He might have a better idea of who I am and who I was! It is readily evident that I was teased a lot and had fun in band.....just like him! So, although I don't look back often, I am sure glad I did on this Homecoming Weekend 2010!

Have a great Sunday~

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Who were the Viking Goddesses, Anyway?

Part II of What's the Story......
Behind my Viking Goddess Line of Jewelry?!

A couple of weeks ago, I explained that my Viking Goddess line of jewelry was inspired by our local school district's mascot.....a viking warrior! I have developed several pieces under this line; most notably my viking goddess rings, which seem to be a popular item! I got a fair amount of grief from my eldest child about the naming of these pieces. Hence, came the question; Who were the Viking Goddesses, anyway, mom? I really didn't have an answser! Somewhere in the recesses of my mind, I knew I had studied these people at one point in my education.

Off the the library I went..........On to the internet I went........To the coffee shop I went.....with a literary girlfriend of mine! And found tons of information to answer the burning question; Who where the Viking Goddesses anyway?

Here is only some of what I found;

The Vikings lived over 1,000 years ago and came from three countries; Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. These are popularly known as Scandinavian Countries. The Vikings were also called Norsemen, meaning people from the North. The Vikings can be described as travellers, raiders, sailors, and most importantly to me craftsmen (and women)! The Viking Craftsmen made wonderful objects of wood, bone, and metal. In general, the Vikings were a pagan society, worshipping many gods. And so it follows, where there were gods; there are goddesses!

Who are the Viking Goddesses? Let me introduce you to a few!

Freya- Goddess of Love and Beauty; Giver of Large Families; the day Friday is named after her.

Hel- Goddess of Death and Queen of the Norse Underworld

Sif- Goddess of the Harvest

Frigga- Goddess of All (Mother); Wife of Odin (King of the Gods)

The Vikings loved jewelry and jewelry making! They took metals and stones and other bright, shiny objects and turned them into pieces of adornment! There even were bead specialists!
The Vikings were craftspeople!

No wonder I am drawn to the Viking heritage. What started as a simple and local marketing tool is becoming more! I am fascinated by this ancient civilization of craftsmen and strong women!

My Viking Goddess line will continue and hopefully, grow in popularity! I see my pieces now having a story behind them and a commemorative name! Please continue to watch my shop at; for additions to my Viking Goddess line of jewelry.

So, I answered my teenager's question and perhaps yours; Who were the Viking Goddesses, Anyway?, bringing a conclusion to Part II of What's the Story ......Behind my Viking Goddess Jewelry! Thanks for reading and have a great week! This posting does not reflect any personal beliefs. It is written solely for the enjoyment and education of my readership.

Please note the through 10/6/10, all pieces with orange on them in my shop are 20% off. I will issue a refund through paypal immediately after the sale or you can have a revised invoice, if you contact me before you pay! Thanks, again!


Friday, October 1, 2010

My recent custom orders.....

Featuring my recent (month of September) Custom Orders........

- One pair of earrings to match Spring Peepers necklace
-A Beaded Necklace of Fine/Sterling Silver, Amethyst, and Swarovski
-Matching Earrings
-Custom Bookmark: Pink Purses and Angels

A HUGE thank you to these great customers who were soooooo easy to work with!