Capitol City Visit

Capitol City Visit
Madison Wisconsin

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Car Washes and NPR

Yesterday, I decided that no matter what, I needed to get my car washed! I had previously tried 3x in the last week but the line were long and I, being in the midst of errands, did not have the patience to wait.
So, yesterday, I grabbed my novel and decided that I just had to wait. On my way there, I was scanning through the radio stations and landed on NPR. Something the announcer said about a feature on "how to write a sentence" came up. I stayed on that station, hoping for more, since I like to write and lead a group of 3rd graders in a writer's workshop each week. But, before I heard the sentence writing segment, I was lucky enough to hear the announcer interview 2 speech writer's on what they thought President Obama would say in his State of the Union speech. Lucky?!

I typically don't like politics. My voting record is all over the board, typically voting for the person I feel would do the best job, despite their (or my) party affiliation. But, I said I was lucky enough to hear the speech writers' interviews. One thought Obama should open with a joke. His reasons for this made sense. Another thought that it was a wonderful opportunity for the President to speak of mistakes made while in the economic crisis mode and what we can do differently now. Both wanted him to come across as human! All in all, it was an interesting, well spoken, and thought provoking 15 minutes without bickering! Wow. It was good to listen to!

Oh, and I did get to hear the author, Stanley Fish, speak about the skill of writing sentences well. Somehow, he reminded me of my old graduate school professors picking apart what I'd written in my thesis. But, I did get a couple of good pointers that I can use with my third grade writer's circle.

Thanks, National Public Radio, for a stimulating 30 minutes while I got my car washed!!!

Have a great day and don't forget to stop by my shop. I am adding things on a daily basis and will be in my studio today producing more!

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