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Capitol City Visit
Madison Wisconsin

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Caught up in the Frenzy!!!


I am finding that I am caught up in the football frenzy for the super bowl this year! Well, living in Wisconsin; I suppose that is not unusual. Almost everyone is a football fan here! What is unusual is MY being caught up in the frenzy!

Sunday, while the NFC played their championship game we were on our way home from our cabin in the Wisconsin North woods. Due to having my eldest son's girlfriend with us, we listened to the game on the way. Needless to say, by the time we arrived home, my youngest boy headed straight to the TV to catch the fourth quarter! Shortly after that, my husband and I, not football fans by any stretch of the imagination, were glued to the TV to watch the game; alternatively cheering for both the Packers and the Bears!!!

What?! Well, we were sucked in by the excitement to watch! You know the rest of what happened....if you follow any football. Green Bay won and they are on their way to the Super Bowl! Wow! I am happy for all the Green Bay fans. Happiest that a new quarterback will take them there!

I have to admit now that since for two days, we have heard on every news broadcast about Green Bay going to the Super Bowl and all the products that are being prepared for sale that I will jump in to the frenzy and try my hand at some Packer Earrings!

So, stay tuned. Watch for my Green Bay Packer Earrings! I will be working on them tonight! Stop by my shop to see when they are posted!

From an inspired Wisconsin non-football fan,

(Hey, you have to give me a break......I grew up with the Buffalo wonder I don't care about football)! But, I'm glad a lot of ladies will be wearing Green Bay jerseys in two weeks!

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  1. Haha! There is a big football frenzy here right now, too (Dallas, where the Superbowl is being held!), but I'm trying to stay out of the craziness! :)