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Capitol City Visit
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Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Rudeness Factor....Growing.

Well, it's only 7:30am in Western Wisconsin on a cold, gray Saturday morning and I have my shackles up! I am soooo tired of what I call the rudeness factor! This post about is what ticked me off this morning. Rudeness!

After dropping my high schooler off for a forensics tournament, I stopped by our local grocery store to get a pound of coffee (I've been out of my regular coffee for a few days) and figured I'd get some donuts. I was in a cheerful mood. I grabbed the coffee and went around to the self-serve donut display. Efficiently, I was selecting my donuts when a Mom and her son cam down the isle.

They stopped at the donut display, also. Now you've got to understand.....I was standing to the side of the display with one of four doors open. I was not blocking the donuts in any way. The mom started telling her (I'm guessing 8 or 9 year old) son which one to select for his father. A "Persian" located on the shelf below the frycakes that I was selecting. Well, I stood there with the door open, to the side, trying to let the boy know he could go ahead and get the donut his mother wanted him to. Then, I realized the door to the Persian wasn't open... and I laughed and said, "Oh, here I was thinking that I was holding the door for you and it's not even open!".

Nothing. No smile. No thanks for trying. Not anything! I closed my door and let the mother open the door to the Persian (it could have been open while my frycake door was open). Now, they stood there deciding what to get, while I couldn't get to any donuts. Basically, they moved in on me until I was pushed aside. No apologies, no I'm sorry we are in a hurry (which I would have understood), nothing. No common courtesy, at all.

You know, I just don't get this type of behavior! From adults, no less. What are they teaching their children?

One of the things we loved about moving to Wisconsin from New York over a decade ago was that people seemed nicer here. Life was less hurried, less stressful, there was more politeness and common courtesy. Unfortunately, as our community has grown, so has the rudeness factor. This is sad and unfortunate. It is also very irritating!

So, to all you rude people; yes, even in my Wisconsin hometown, please think of using your manners! Think of what you are teaching your children when you don't! It will help all of us have a better day!

Thanks for listening! Have a great Saturday! I'm off to have my donut and coffee!

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