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Capitol City Visit
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Sunday, January 16, 2011

What's the Story......Behind my Celtic Jewelry????

What's the Story.......... Behind my Celtic Jewelry???????

Some of my best selling jewelry is that with the celtic knot symbol on it. I have sold earrings, bookmarks, and necklaces with versions of celtic knots and trinity symbols. This morning, I have been busy putting the finishing touches on a piece that combines my paua shell pendant jewelry line with the celtic charm jewelry. It also happens to be a rich, purple. I am hoping this piece may appeal to those that love celtic piece and/or those that love the color purple. Both the celtic Triquetra (trinity) and the color purple are rich in meaning.

The Celts, an ancient pagan society, has a complicated, but well-known use of symbols in their history. The celts honored a lunar goddess who was a 3 in 1 persona exemplified in the phases of the moon and goddess faces.
Some meanings of the trinity symbol for the Celts were;

Mother, Father, Child

Past, Present, Future,

Mind, Body, Spirit

Father, Son, Holy Ghost

You get it, I'm sure. I am not espousing the pagan celtic belief system, but seeing similarities in what they saw in the triad in what we see today. Families, Longevity, Life, Complete Well-being (the YMCA), and Christianity all have ties to the use of a trinity. So, I made this beautiful piece of jewelry in hopes it would have mass appeal.

The color purple also has some interesting interpretations. This piece is almost entirely purple, so the meaning of the color may be valuable to some! I could not believe the amount that is written about the symbolism of color. Purple is associated with many significant meanings.

For the Celts the color purple was associated with enlightenment.

Purple has long been a color associated with Royalty and Power. This may be because the dyes used to make the color in ancient times were rare and expensive, making the association of the color with wealth. At specific times in history, only certain (powerful) people were allowed to wear the color purple.

Purple is symbolic of the season of Lent and Advent in Christianity.

As you can see, there are many symbols left open to interpretation. Many are filled with mystery. I am hoping that no matter what your personal belief system may be, you will find my celtic jewelry beautiful and fun to wear! I certainly enjoy making it. And that's the story!

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