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Capitol City Visit
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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Planning for Summer.......Now!

Well, I finally have that list on my kitchen counter whittled down to only a few items. For weeks now, I have had a running list of things I need to get scheduled! Here is a sample of what my list looked like;

Register and Pay for AP exams- high school (done)
Register for Youth Options- (college courses for high schoolers) (done)
Sign up for Summer Sports at Park and Rec (done)
Sign up for Summer activity classes (can't until 4/4/11)
Get National History Day sponsor (done)
Schedule vacations
-decide where (still undone)
Turn in teenagers work schedule for summer (done)
-(around our schedule)
Organize digital picture files (undone and there's more than 8,000 of them)
Invite friends to High School Spring Musical Performance (done)
Put important dates on family calendar (done)
-state solo ensemble, forensics, AP exams, National History Day performance
Check with relatives coming to visit (done)
Clean closets (done)
Submit Juried art show applications by 3/31/11 (done----show is in July).

As you can see, I have been busy and I will be busy! Living in a relatively small suburban/rural community, activities fill up fast. I have learned, through trial and error, that I need to plan our summer March! Ugh! Sometimes, that is harder than it sounds. You need to realize this is more that just a list.....each item involves important decisions on the part of several family members, as well as, coordination of dates, times, and available transportation efforts. Sometimes, yes....I am being a mom here, I really have to push to get those decisions made!

But, I feel like I am finally getting through most of it! The list was daunting when I first made it but now, not so bad when I look at what's left. It's manageable! All this activity (and I really try not to over schedule) will keep my children busy and not bored over the summer months. I also try to squeeze in some school work a couple times a week to keep them up to speed for fall. Now, I can start looking for the workbooks for that..........although that is a job that I enjoy because it entails going to the bookstore!

Maybe, I'll get around to organizing my pictures soon, too. Probably not! Next week brings setting up a local display of my jewelry at a business, holding a meeting of a committee I chair, leading the garden club at our local elementary school (we are exploring worms), expecting company, and attending the high school musical! Someday, I'll get around to those 8,000 pictures! :) The picture I featured is of the snow that was still on the ground in northern Wisconsin this past weekend, from last week's storm!

Piled high, but with Blue Skies! There sure won't be sledding in the summer!

What's keeping you busy?
I'd love to hear! Thanks for stopping by!


  1. WOW...that is a LONG to-do list! It feels good to start checking completed items off those lists!

  2. You are definitely busy! I would be most daunted by the picture organizing (but I would be looking forward to that task the most)!

  3. I have three craft shows (one each of the next three saturdays) In addition my mom decided to be in three or four of her own on the other side of the state. But she wants half my inventory to sell for me... Needless to say, I'm excited!!! But.... I'm now behind with cards and eggs... I also have a 25 paper I'm working on and signing up for the bar exam.... wish me luck!!!

  4. Wow, that is some are so right...need to get at my todo list too! Do have closets cleaned out, craft room to last weeks blog post and some of my house cleaning done but need it finished before the 25th of april as I start to babysit and continue to work!

  5. wow! Your list rivals mine. Seems like I've always got a list a mile long too.

  6. Wow, you sound like you've got a super busy season. Good luck with everything!

  7. Wow, you're much better at planning than I am! LOL

    I am going to college in the fall, so I guess you could say I will be pretty busy in the coming months. ;)

  8. oh boy! that's one busy agenda! it seems you thought of everything!:) good luck with putting all that into practice!

  9. I'm glad that I'm not the only one with a perpetual to do list. You keep it organized well!

  10. awesome long to do list. im sure you will complete it in no time!!! im just waiting for my graduation commencement day in may to finally seal the deal that i just graduated from college. Also working for my brokers license so lots of studying to do. the application fee and license fee runs about $400 so im making sure i study enough to where ill pass because then ill have to pay another $400 if i dont pass... so not lots to do just lots to do for the little amount of stuff i have to do hahaha if that makes sense.

    good luck!

  11. Looks like you are really busy, get patience and go with all.

  12. Now that my boys are finished school and working - summers are soooooo much easier!
    Play with dogs,
    weed the garden,
    mow the grass,
    relax :)
    Not always in that order!

  13. Let's hear it for lists! I use them off and on...mostly on.

  14. Wow, you have your hands full! And I can't believe you still have snow on the ground! Good jump checking off those items!

  15. Boy, you are so busy and organized.

    I work full time, take care of our home and have to take time to play with my 3 kitty babies. They all demand their personal time with mom and dad. And, time to create jewelry and other items and to take photos and list them is a given.

    I'm not going to do many shows this year, I'm finding that with this team, I'm doing better online. Thank you, guys.

    I signed up for one Fall show and will do another in November.

  16. Wow! That's an impressive list! Just make sure to take time to relax somewhere in there.

    I'm in MN and what's funny is my patio looks about like your deck... snow with that same purple sled!