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Capitol City Visit
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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Shop Snapshot for February 2011- How was it?

Today's post is one I would like to make the beginning of each new month, reviewing my activities, sales, ups, and downs for the previous month. I did one of these "Shop Snapshots" as I call them, last year and it was well received. I meant to do more but, you know, life just got in the way! I'll try and do better this year!

So, here is Carol's Jewelry Orchard's Shop Snapshot for February 2011.

Etsy sales at

Total of 8 sales for the month. 2- Necklaces, and 6- Pairs of earrings.
One of these sales was from a customer who bought a pair of earrings, came back upon receiving them and bought another, yet different, pair! I love that I'm developing a following!

Custom Orders from Local Customers:
2- Horse Necklaces
1- Cancer Support Bracelet
2- Pair Holmen Mascot Lady Viking Earrings
2- Pair Green and Gold Football Earrings (this is Wisconsin, after all)!

I had two queries from international customers that are worth mentioning. One from a lovely woman in the UK who likes my peace sign necklace;
She and I discussed shipping to the UK, although I don't normally offer this! I did a little investigation at the post office and found that, in fact, it isn't really much more than shipping to Canada (which I do offer). Unfortunately, this customer found herself short of cash this month, but may return in the future for that piece of peace!

The other query, I have to say bothered me. A customer convo'd me to state that he/she liked a certain bracelet in my shop and would I consider shipping elsewhere? They didn't mention where in their query and no place was listed on their profile! When I returned the convo and simply asked where they wanted me to ship to, I never got a reply! I don't understand that.

Similarly, I was all excited last Friday, the 25th, when I received a query about my Romantic Wedding earring listing;
The person wanted to know if I could make 7 similar pairs for her wedding party! I responded immediately, offering both a 10% Bridal discount and FREE priority mail shipping; along with completing the order in two weeks for a 50% deposit on the work. I never heard back. A no thank you would have been fine. I felt not responding was rude! I can't afford, nor should I feel like I have to, give my work away (especially when it is already fairly priced). I am disappointed that I still have not heard from this potential customer and realize now, I probably won't.

Back to the brighter side of my shop snapshot; I joined facebook this past month. I am still very much a newbie when using the site. I am not sure it will help my sales (this is why I joined). If you want to "friend" my shop page it would be appreciated and can be found at;

Also, I am working on my new website at;
Please visit me there, as well. Leave a comment and let me know what you think!

Finally, I am launching a new line of custom made jewelry featuring childhood/teen memories that include pictures of children, grandchildren, friends, nieces, nephews and charms of their favorite activities. This will make great Mother's Day presents or Graduation presents (both for the graduate and their mom). Take a minute and stop by to look at those!

So, there you have it! Carol's Jewelry Orchard's Shop Snap Shot for February 2011. In between all this, I've continued to create some fabulous spring pieces! Keep my shop in mind when you are looking for some handcrafted jewelry accessories that will set your style apart!

If you are interested in the Blue Flowered Swarovski Crystal Watch, pictured above as my Select Item Sale Feature today, click the link below; it was $35.00. Today, only it is $25.00.

Thanks for stopping by,


  1. I am so glad to hear you are doing so well in your business! Keep up the good work. :-)

  2. What a great look at the results of your hard work.

  3. It is always good to take inventory I think.

  4. Great post Carol! I should really do something like this too. It helps see what is selling and what may need some polishing. Don't be too disheartened by the convos. I think we all get those.

  5. Business is going well ... Congrats!

  6. thanks for sharing all that! I'm quite new, seeing how many things can go wrong with customers I can't help but congratulate you for the things that went right! and may they get better!

  7. You are doing all the right things. I get convo's all the time for special orders/requests too that I never hear back from. I learned not to take it personal:)

  8. Convos can lead to sales, eventually. Keep on working hard. Your items are pretty.


  9. Sorry to hear about the frustrations you have had but try to focus on the positive experiences with customers as it definitely sounds like there are more of those! You're doing great!

  10. Like you Carol, I would appreciate a follow-up "thanks, but no thanks" if someone makes an inquiry. :) Great shop!

  11. Thanks, everyone! I didn't mean to sound as if I was complaining! I definitely have more positives than negatives and February was a GREAT month for me. But I was trying to show the ups and downs of it all!

    Leah R. Hood summed it up best; if you make an inquiry, just let me know my response is noted and you are not interested! That's all I was trying to point out!

    Thanks, again.

  12. it's great to go over your accomplishments for each month

  13. I love your "Shop Snapshot" update made me feel like I've been journeying right along with you and your stores success. I also "liked" you on FaceBook. Feel free to come and like me in return:

  14. So fun to hear how other shops are doing. Good luck in March.

  15. Sorry you had some bad luck with convos. I pretty much figure people are fickle and just want to browse.

    Glad your shop is doing well and I love your stuff!

  16. Wow, you were sure busy in February! I like this post you did as a review of the month. Really neat. I sure wish that one woman interested in your Wedding earrings would get back with you... that would be a big sale!
    Anyways, thanks for stopping by my blog and linking up in the shop hop. Have a great Friday!