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Thursday, March 17, 2011

St. Patrick........Patron Saint of Ceramic Engineers!

For all you potters, ceramists, and others involved in some form of clay building, ........St. Patrick's Day is a day you can celebrate for reasons other than being Irish! Did you know that St. Patrick is the patron Saint of Ceramic Engineers? Well, he is!

While I realize this is an odd bit of information, I have known it for 30 years! You see, I met my husband when he was a ceramic engineering student! We went to the same University and every March, the University having a College of Ceramic Engineering, celebrated St. Patricks' Day in a huge way! The whole town (very small college town) turned green for a weekend! There was a parade, a dance, and of course, green beer at the pub! It was a lot of fun. And even though I'm not Irish in any way, St. Patrick's Day always takes me back to our University campus full of life and everything Green! It always makes me smile. This year, especially, makes me nostalgic as we begin to talk to my high schooler about college choices! (Where does the time go?)

St. Patrick helped bring Christianity to Ireland, many centuries ago. Dublin was built up during his time there with many stone and mortar buildings. It is said that he developed the mortar to hold the stones together. Thus, St. Patrick became the Patron Saint of Ceramic Engineers!

I'm not sure how much the University celebrates St. Patrick's Day anymore, although the College of Ceramic Engineering at Alfred University is alive and well! It was a very rowdy, sometimes, drunken weekend for the town. I know the parade stopped being held shortly near the end of our tenure there. However, since neither my husband or I were damaged or caused damage, during these St. Pat's celebrations, I will hold on fondly to my memories of celebrating the Patron Saint of Ceramic Engineers!

For other ways AU is going green check this link;

Have a GREAT St. Patrick's Day!
And when you see a beautiful old stone church or building, say a little thanks to St. Patrick, Ceramic Engineer!



  1. This Brings back such Great memories! I was a Ceramic Engineering student at AU in the mid 80's and as a Pledge/ Sister at Theta had such a great time with the St. Pats Celebrations. Unfortunately the Parade had been ended after my Freshman year, and by The time I graduated the formal celabrations were completely ended. I also met my Hubby at Alfred. It sounds like our time at AU might of crossed. Love your Jewlery and so glad I found your Blog

  2. If I could be reborn, I'd be an engineer. Have to admit though, I've never thought of ceramic engineering!