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Capitol City Visit
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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Shop Updates for May

Hello, to all my faithful readers! Today, I will give you some shop updates!

Update Number One: What's up with the feedback situation?

Well, if you read back a few posts, you'll see that I've been dealing with my first and only, unhappy customer on Etsy! She finally contacted me about how she wanted things resolved. I complied immediately and issued a full refund for a necklace I remade for her (to her specification) that broke. The exchange (through etsy's kiss and make-up) was supposed to provide both of us with some satisfaction. I was to receive a reversal of the negative feedback she left my shop (without the benefit of any chance to make things right, before she left it) while she got her refund. Well, as I just told you, I immediately issued her refund after hearing from her. Now, weeks later, I still have the negative feedback (and I'm sure she will not remove it at this point).

What you need to know is that I contacted etsy for support in this matter and their response was that they will not mediate any kiss and make-up bargains. Essentially, too bad, Carol's Jewelry Orchard. So, I've learned that there is no seller support on Etsy in these situations. Listen carefully, fellow etisans, If you are dealing with an unreasonable person; you will have unreasonable results. This is very disappointing to me. Essentially, my shop (with over 170 positive responses at the time) is being held hostage to a person who had a feedback response of 4. Time to move on. And I am. I will not dwell or write on this subject again.

Shop Update #2: Taking my jewelry in a different direction.

I've been busy trying to find some niche for myself in the glutted etsy jewelry market. In my opinion, I've done fairly well in the etsy jewelry marketplace over the last two years. However, I find it increasingly important to be able to market my jewelry. This is difficult for me, as I make such a variety of eclectic items. It would be so much easier to market if I found the piece that really have someone "searching" for them and I figure out how to tag them right for the search. So, I've making making lists.....lots of figure out what pieces I'll continue to make and sell and which pieces will no longer be offered. I've got some of it figured out; the rest, of course, is still a work in progress.

Shop Update #3: Blogging and posting.

I really enjoy my blog. I had the most consistent readership when I was blogging twice a week. article of my choice (not always jewelry) and Wordless Wednesday posts on Wednesday. I am going to return to a similar format. I love the promotional frenzy team blog day (Wednesday) and the response my blog receives from that but I don't have a consistent readership the rest of the week. I like having my readers check in and read more than once a week. So, I'll return to what has worked for me in the past. And make no mistake for those that are just starting to blog; it will drive traffic to your shop!

Shop Update #4: End of my personal six month trial of Facebook marketing is approaching.

In January, I opened a facebook page;
I have enough followers (or people that like me) to have a shorter URL now. Please feel free to visit and like me there, if you are able.

I'm still not sure I like this form of marketing. There are two reasons for this;
1) You have to have a personal page to get a business page. Thus, my friend are still bombarded with my self-promotion.
2) I have not had one sale related to being found on Facebook.

However, I do get some traffic to my shop from Facebook (4-7% per google analytics). Traffic is always a good thing! :) But, I will be re-evaluating the effectiveness of facebook as a marketing tool for Carol's Jewelry Orchard.

Well, this post has gotten long enough. In short, I am in the process of re-evaluating my shop and the direction I want to take with my jewelry and the manner in which it is sold. I still love my craft; it's just time for a little searching and experimenting. Thanks for stopping by! As always, comments are more than welcome!

'Til Next Time,

Look forward to an upcoming post on Pearls, Classic Beauty!


  1. I can't believe etsy wouldn't help you in the kiss and make up, and left you with a negative feedback. Well, I guess I CAN believe it, but it's so unfair!

    I'm looking forward to seeing what direction you take in creating. I'm sure that whatever you decide to do will be beautiful, and well made!

  2. It is really unfortunate the way the Etsy feedback system makes shopowners vulnerable. I have been very luck with my customers but Im sure some day it will happen to me too.
    The good news is that the way Etsy rounds up 99.5 becomes 100, you will have 100% good feed back again soon as you get a few more sales.

  3. Etsy support seems non-existent on so many levels. Love that peace sign piece! Already following you on FB:)

  4. Lovely jewelry and photos!
    So far I've been lucky to have great customers and haven't experienced the Etsy neglect, but have heard much about it. Maybe there should be a bad customer section so we can determine if we want to sell to them! I realize they get feed back too but it seems the seller is the one that gets penalized.

  5. Etsy should be willing to remove that! Grrr!

    Regarding FACEBOOK, I was not about to connect my shop page to my personal page. Instead I created a second FB account with the phony name Donna Glass. It's a way around that issue, if anyone else wants to try it.

  6. I'm sorry to hear about your feedback problem. I can't believe Etsy wouldn't do anything. After all, Kiss and Make Up is their program...

  7. bummer on the feedback issue, some people are just mean. and shame on etsy!

  8. I hate to hear that about the feedback. That really stinks!
    I have gotten some sales from Facebook, but it's not anything through Etsy usually, most of those sales are people asking for custom items, or locals that would prefer not to have to pay for shipping and have me just meet them to deliver the item.

  9. That really stinks... it does suck.. sorry to hear... but its just a little bump on the road glad your moving on... boo on the seller and etsy.

  10. Sorry to hear about the feedback issue and etsy's lack of help. No fun and certainly not fair.

  11. that customer has the nerve to not follow up on her end of the deal!

  12. Thanks, everyone! As I said in my post, I'm moving on! Life is too short to be upset about something really so trivial! Thanks, again for commenting.

  13. uniquecozytreaures - We love you Carol. We know this taunter is just mean!

  14. Sorry to hear about your feedback problem. I'm sure all your positive feedback will be what's noticed.

  15. I have 2 negatives from ONE transaction. Basically I bought from a shop and waited over a month with NO contact with the person for my order. The order came completely melted and in terrible shape. The person was not apologetic or helpful so I left negative for this. I just left the facts of when I ordered, when there was contact and the state of the product when it arrived.
    The person had also bought from me BEFORE I bought from them. Once I left feedback on my order with them, they sent me a convo, "Well now I will leave you negative feedback"
    And they did. It was complete retaliation, not truthful feedback, I contacted Etsy and they sent out a generic e-mail stating, "They can not judge the experience another person has had with a shop." They will not get involved unless it breaks some VERY specific rules of Etsy.
    It is sad but true, they will NOT help.

    On a POSITIVE NOTE: It doesn't hurt your shop. People know there are always a few people out there you can't please.... You will be fine :))
    It is sad, and frustrating but it won't hurt your business if that is the only problem you have had :)

  16. It is sad that Etsy would not help, they just do not want to get involved. I hope your business picks up despite of that stupid incident.

    I made a mistake connecting my personal FB and business FB. Wish I could change it.