Capitol City Visit

Capitol City Visit
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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

This and that.........Changing my tactics.

Good Morning and thanks for stopping by! Today, I am still blogging as I have over the last few months on Wednesday. However, I am not doing it as part of the Etsy Promotional Frenzy Team. Due to believing I was spending too much time at the computer and promoting the work of others when I really needed to promote my own work and website were the reasons I decided to leave the team. Don't get me wrong, the Promotional Frenzy Team on Etsy has a great group of people involved, all working to promote each other's shops. Everyone is super nice and it is a great group. It's just not something I really have time for right now.

School is out. Summer has started. I have three school aged boys. We are busy. We have two trips planned this summer; one in June, one in July, and family visiting in August. We are remodeling our kitchen. I love to garden and have numerous beds; flower beds and vegetable beds, as well as taking care of a garden at one of our schools. Among other things, I am a Master Gardener Volunteer.

I have also been in the midst of deciding what direction to take my jewelry in. I need to find a niche. I've noted that many of the shops that are highly successfuly have a niche. I make a variety of pieces. While I like that variety, it makes it somewhat difficult to market my pieces of jewelry.

I also need time to create. With all the computer promoting on all the different social sites, it is hard to still have time to create. I have been missing that. I have to admit here, too, that I really don't care for all the social networking. And I do believe that is what Etsy is becoming with their recent changes. It was the requirement of having to be on all these different social networking sites of the promotional frenzy team that turned me off. I have only been on facebook for 6 months. I can't say that I like it. I know I haven't gotten one sale from it! I've tried stumbleupon and I end up having to review every piece the team posts in order to just give it a thumbs up. That is time consuming. I don't really want to twitter......who really cares what I'm doing from minute to minute, anyway! I think people have become too self important. The social networking is contributing to that feeling. Thus, I don't want to join more social networking sites.

So, I applied for a fall craft show here locally that sees 4000-6000 people per day over a three day weekend. I hope I get into that. It'll give me something to focus on. I have decided to continue several lines of my jewelry and discontinue others. After I return back from our June vacation, I will contact a computer specialist that will help me with my own website. So, I'm finding that today, while I am missing the promotional frenzy blog day; I also am appreciating the extra time to garden, be with my boys, and create!

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  1. I totally understand what you mean about Facebook and Twitter. It didn't do me any good to use them, and who has the time.

    Enjoy the summer with your boys, and doing the things you love! Creating new pieces, and gardening are more enjoyable than facebook!

  2. Good points, some of the promotional teams, athough effective, take too much time. I think one way to get around that is to try out a few, and choose one or two that suits your time & style.

    The last pendant reminds of the New Zealand paua shell!