Capitol City Visit

Capitol City Visit
Madison Wisconsin

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Catch those Pearls!!!!

HI! I want to have some fun! I am in the process of moving my handcrafted pearl jewelry (AKA Viking Line) over to my own website, where they will still be described and you will be able to purchase them! But, if you purchase a piece before I move it over, you can save 40% by entering CatchthatPearl40 at check out. This is a chance for you to save before I move this inventory! I will be slowly working on this over the next week and gladly tell you that what doesn't get done within the next day, will probably not get done until next week! So, come on and Catch that Pearl!
You'll save a bundle!

So, anything that has pearls on it is eligible for the discount at checkout, using that coupon code, CATCHTHATPEARL40, in my etsy shop.

The handcrafted pieces that have moved are at this location;

I'd love comments, too! Thanks! Happy Shopping!

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