Capitol City Visit

Capitol City Visit
Madison Wisconsin

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Summer Visitors

Well, summer is winding down. I can tell, my allergies are terrible! Anyway, August has been spent having out of town visitors from the East to our home in the Mid-west. The visitors were all family and we were glad to have them. However, I must say that I am glad to have the house back to ourselves and my time be my own.

My sister and her family were here for four days. We did a couple of touristy type activities during their stay. She has two children, similar in age to two of my children. It made for much fun! One day we drove to Wabasha, Minnesota to the National Eagle Center. It is a center, right on the shore of the Mississippi River that educates the public about one of our National symbols, the Bald Eagle.

The center has four eagles in residence, one being a visiting Golden Eagle and three Bald Eagles. All of the eagles have been injured in some way and cannot return to the wild. They live at the eagle center and are well cared for. One of the eagles is 30 years old!

The museum has many exhibits related to eagles, eagle symbolism, eagle habitat, and eagles in the wild. There are also several telescopes that allow visitors to view the wild eagles on the river, as they fly by or are hunting for food. This area of the Mississippi does not typically freeze in the winter, so Wabasha is a popular winter feeding ground for them.

As well as seeing many exhibits and the four resident eagles, the center offers a one hour educational presentation on the Bald Eagle. During this, a trained representative from the center tells us interesting facts about the eagle and gets the whole crowd involved. About half way through the presentation, he brought an eagle out to let us watch it feed! The meal that day consisted of rabbit, squirrel, and fish. Did you know that an eagles talons have 400 pounds per square inch of crushing strength? Wow!

I was so glad we went to the National Eagle Center. There was an opportunity to have pictures with the guide and the eagle. Some were afraid to participate in that! Others were not. I would really like to go back in the winter and see the center again. What a wonderful resource, right in our own backyard! We are lucky to live in an area where we can look over head and see the majestic birds gliding on the gentle winds with their white head and tails shimmering in the sun! Enjoy the photographs and video.

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  1. I love big birds! I've never seen an eagle up close. Lots of owls (where I work), but no eagles. They are beautiful creatures.

    Nice to have time with family.