Capitol City Visit

Capitol City Visit
Madison Wisconsin

Sunday, September 25, 2011

The story of a recent sale and layering jewelry.

Hello! I hope you all have had a good week. My week was busy. Busy enough that I didn't make my wordless Wednesday post! I'm sorry if you were looking for it!

I have some great news this week! I sold a pair of earrings through my own personal website for Carol's Jewelry Orchard! This is not my etsy site but my own website. Sadly, it hardly ever gets looked at but has some cool features like a slide show of my recently sold items.

A customer bought a pair of earrings posted on my etsy site with football charms with green and yellow beads. She wrote me the following e-mail via the contact form on my site;
I received earrings that were green and yellow with footballs at the bottom. I was wondering if I can get the same green and yellow but with running shoes(tennis shoes at the bottom? The football ones are perfect for when my son is playing football. My daughter runs cross country and they both do track. I love the football ones. Thank you.

So, I had to move fast! I had just sold earrings I made with sneaker charms! Finally, after looking and looking I found some more pewter sneaker charms from an ebay vendor. I made the earrings and let the customer know they were finished, sending a picture of the completed set. And the sale was completed yesterday morning, the earrings sent! I was thrilled to make this sale; it means that my own website is working for potential customers to contact me about orders!

Finally, as I get ready for my upcoming Fall Craft Show, I have been photographing some of my pieces in layers. Many of my handcrafted jewelry items could be worn as layers. Sets of two necklaces, shown together in the above pictures are examples of what would work! The possibilities are endless. If you buy the two featured pieces, you definitely end up with 3 different looks. The look of each piece separately and the look of them together! Enjoy the pictures as you explore the versatility of these pieces.

Thanks for stopping by!

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