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Capitol City Visit
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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Unplug, already!

Good Sunday Morning!

Again, so much to write about.....but I don't like to be fragmented, so I'll have to pick just one topic! As you know from my prior posts, we have had a lot of family visitors between the beginning of August and last weekend (or for about six weeks). My brother in law brought his i-phone, i-pod, and i-pad into our house during the first week in August. I have to tell you, I have been intrigued with this gadget, until recently.

During the five days they were here, an i-something gadget was permanently affixed to his hand. Everywhere he went in the house, a gadget went with him! I found it very, very irritating! I drove us to the National Eagle Center, in Wabasha, MN and ran directions off of Maps -on- Us to help us get there. The center was about 90 minutes away, and I had never been there before; despite being familiar with the area. Well, on our trip, we had not only my printed directions but also my GPS unit in our van AND his 3 i-something appliances! UGH! It was too much! Then, I think I really flipped him out when I announced, as we pulled out onto the highway to go home, that I now knew exactly where we were and didn't need to follow ANY of the directions to get home! I knew the way! He, on the other hand, was very unsure about me not following the "machines".

You see, the reason I was interested in the i-pad was I received an unexpected reimbursement check from New York State; when I worked there as a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner! It was quite a sizable check, enough to buy an ipad! I thought it might be neat to have this tablet that I could sit in my kitchen and work on my etsy shop or be productive in other ways.....such as writing curriculum for my elementary garden club.

My teenage son, very technologically adept, recently researched tablets, as he is attending a virtual high school this year and wanted a smaller internet accessible unit than the laptop, the school was providing. Guess what???? He didn't buy an i-pad! After researching every tablet out there, he got an ASUS tablet with an e-writer attachable keyboard. He loves it. AND, it has ports for SD Cards!

You see, there in lies the clincher for me. I want my tablet to be for productivity. With my etsy shop, there is a great need for picture manipulation. I don't want to learn a new system for that; I want to continue to use adobe photoshop and store my pictures on SD memory cards. I know I could use something like Picasa, but truthfully, I don't want to spend the time on something new. I want something portable but productive. To me, and as my son confirmed, the i-pad is mostly for entertainment.

Well, then, my sister-in-law visited last week, with her i-pad! She seemed just as addicted to this same internet accessible appliance as my brother in law! Everytime she got an e-mail, it sent a ding-ding into the quiet air that became to me, something akin to chinese water torture. She was gracious enough to let me experiment with her i-pad; convinced that I would, indeed want one of these. Well, after admittedly still thinking it is a cool gadget, I don't want one.

I just don't like the effect it seems to have on people. Sane, mature, intelligent people who now seem like they can't live with out this 10 inch gadget. I also don't like the fact that everyone seems to have or want one. I've never gone for fads, and although this might not be one; I don't want to be part of it. I really don't use my computer for entertainment, so why would I use the i-pad for it? I already spend too much time on the computer, so why would I want something that would actually increase the time I spend on-line. AND, perhaps the most compelling reason for me is that I DO want a USB port and a memory disc port.

You know, I also have younger children. I really don't want them plugged in all the time! It is just not good for them! Currently, we limit their computer game time (which includes the Wii, DS, Computer, and yes, i-pad apps) to 20 minutes a day. It is more than enough. I have to say, they don't like it, but I do.

I love computers and technology but seriously, I think we all need to unplug, already! Life was interesting and full of opportunities and fun before the i-appliances and should continue to be with only a very limited access to them!

Have a great Sunday. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I agree that it's awkward trying to socialize with people that are constantly plugged into technology. I have seen GREAT photos taken with the Ipad though.

  2. Thanks! I'm looking forward to more feedback on this. I do admit, we had fun taking goofy pictures with everyone. My issue with the photography is the fact that I have "learned" my camera and my software well enough to take and adjust adequate photos for my shop and for people to enjoy! Not sure I want to take the time to "learn" a change!

  3. I love technology, but I agree that it can be hard to turn it off/put it away at times. It's tricky!