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Capitol City Visit
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Friday, October 28, 2011

Sky Shadow in the Florida Keys....similar to Mt.Rainer?

Enjoy my sunset photography of the sunset in the Florida Keys this summer! I just signed on to the web and saw that a similar phenomenon was witnessed during sunrise at Mt. Rainier! I tried to upload these to the Huffington Post but had trouble. So, I'll post my own photography, on my own blog......who knows, maybe it will go viral!

If you want to compare the two photographs, the Huffington Post sunset picture and article is located at this link;

The shadow seems to be caused by the large, high cloud and the sun being directed upward due to (maybe)? the density of the cloud formation. I sincerely don't know, but it was awesome to witness! I took many, many shots of this particular sunset. As you turned away from the large cloud and faced directly east 180 degrees, the first two pictures show the blue shadow casted over that side of the horizon. It seemed to radiate from the large cloud over the top of the sky to the East 180 degrees!

Nature is Awe Inspiring!

I'm not sure the two shadows are caused by the same phenomenon but it sure looks like what I saw and was able to capture in Florida this past July! I posted these photographs, taken by me, without a watermark. There is no permission to copy, electronically or otherwise, without my permission! Thank you! I will soon get one of the photos posted in my etsy shop as a listing that can be purchased! I've been meaning to do this but I think NOW is the time!

~ Carol~


  1. I have an early morning picture like this, too! It was bizarre looking, and I had to preserve it.

  2. These are such great photos... Thanks for sharing!