Capitol City Visit

Capitol City Visit
Madison Wisconsin

Friday, November 11, 2011

Celebrate Veteran's Day with a Smile, a Sale, and a Thank You!

Do you ever find that the mail either brings joy and anticipation or dread? It either can arrive with surprises or goodies enclosed in packages or bills enclosed in envelopes.

On Wednesday this week, I got two great piece of mail. One was a package containing the silver wavy bookmark stems that I had ordered to fullfill a custom order to FRANCE! Yes, I am now an international seller! A gift shop in the South of France will be selling my handcrafted, beaded bookmarks! I am soooooo excited about this! I'll be sure to post pictures when I am finished creating them next week!

The other piece of mail was an envelope that would have been very strange, had I not been expecting it. Enclosed in the envelope was a single piece of bright pink (fuschia) fabric! I am creating 6 bridesmaids necklaces for a bride to be in South Dakota and she kindly sent the fabric for me to match the beads! She has a good eye because the fabric matches the beads, exactly. With that taken care of, now I just have to become an international buyer and get the beads I need from China! Whew! This is sure to be an experience. However, it seems to be the ONLY place I can find them in bulk! I"ll also let you know how those turn out!

So, on Veteran's Day.....a day without mail.....I decided to pass some of my good fortune on to you and host an 11 hour sale! For the next 11 hours, from 1pm- 12 midnight CST, everything in my etsy shop is 66% off! WOW! You need to use the coupon code; 11Hoursale at check out to get the discount, but I hope you stop by and see what you can SAVE BIG on today!

Thanks to all of our Veterans, who make HUGE sacrifices for our FREEDOM and SAFETY!

~ Carol ~

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