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Capitol City Visit
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Friday, November 4, 2011

Volunteer....It is good for the soul.

Well, it is already November 4th!!! How can that be? Time is moving so quickly, these days!

Today ends the first quarter of the school year here! And this week, I can tell you that I have all my volunteer activities in full swing! Do you volunteer? If not, you should find something you love to do and do it.....for free! Yes, give of yourself and your talents! It will help others and make you feel good, all at the same time.

I started my volunteer efforts long ago. When my eldest child, now 17, was in pre-school, I helped with the elementary school Chicken Barbecue Fundraiser. Meeting neighbors and teachers in the school district got me involved in the PTO. I served as secretary for two years.
My time on PTO was not my most favorite volunteer experience. However, I did learn that I liked being at school with the kids from volunteering in kindergarten. That was 12 years ago!

In 2002, I began hosting a Craft Time for Kids at our local Children's Museum. Once a week, I would prepare a craft and take it to help those children visiting the museum make it to take home. Sometimes, I would read a story, too. I did that for five years!

In 2004, after taking a course to become certified as a Master Gardener, I founded a Garden Club for elementary students at our school. This is our 8th year! Facilitating and teaching the after school lessons on Horticulture is one of my most favorite volunteer activities. It amazes me how year after year, the club attracts about 30 students as members! We do many cool activities. I am sure that's part of the draw!

Through the years, as my children have grown, I've been in the classroom, as a volunteer anywhere from 1-3 days a week! I've found that I really love to teach and my heart lies with the students! I love to enrich. There have been some teachers that I've really clicked with. Over the years, I have felt the need to return to assist these teachers in their efforts to meet student needs. I have a passion for this!

So, this year I am leading Garden Club. We meet once a month. It takes a little time to prepare my lesson, but the satisfaction I receive from doing it is worth it! As far as classroom volunteering;

I am hosting a writer's circle for third graders. I have 6 students in that . They are above grade level writers! I had a group like this last year and we had some of the student's poetry published in a book selected by the Young America Poetry contest! We meet once a week for that.

Reading is another passion. For the last 3 years, I've been privileged to work with a teacher of great experience (40 years) and expertise. She has allowed me to work with her higher level readers in first grade. This year, I have 7 students! We met for the first time yesterday, but now will meet weekly! This teacher paid me the upmost compliment when she recently introduced me to her student teacher telling him that I was a mom but also an "expert" teacher! Wow! I was so flattered!

Over the years, I've also been able to help children having academic difficulty. This year, I am also assisting with children that need more oral reading experience and practice in 4th grade. I do that twice a week!

So what am I telling you? I am telling you to find something you are passionate about and volunteer to do it. Even if you can only do it once a month, you'll find the rewards are much greater than the sacrifice you make to do it! Sometimes, it is hard to get started but once you do; it'll be hard to stop!

Have a Fabulous Friday and Find your Passion!

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  1. I'm on board with you. Next week I'm meeting with the volunteer coordinator with American Cancer Society to help out with their program Look Good, Feel Better. Volunteering is a great thing to do!