Capitol City Visit

Capitol City Visit
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Saturday, December 10, 2011

By the Numbers...........

Good Morning! Happy Holidays!

First things first, if you are looking for a sale announcement, you've found it! My entire shop has been marked down 20% for the weekend during my Holiday Sale. Prices are already reduced, so there is no coupon code needed! The sale runs from 8am 12/10/11 through Monday, 12/12/11 8pm. Happy Shopping!

I've been following my shop stats closely as of late. A few things have occurred to me! One is that I've been doing custom orders for multiple items. It really doesn't show up, unless someone takes the time to look in my sold section and read the listings. I sold a group of 10 custom beaded bookmarks to a very nice French lady. She received them and this is what she had to say;

"I received the bookmarks! they are even more beautiful in real life and I love them! Thank you also for the gifts, you are too kind! I thank you with all my heart for everything and I hope to do business with you again!"

This kind response from her shows as one transaction but she bought 10 book marks!

Similarly this week, I completed a custom order for 7 Viking Goddess Rings. This woman was in the U.S. and I mailed them out to her a few days ago. Again, one transaction shows for seven items.

And lastly, but perhaps most exciting is that I had a customer return to me that was one of my very first on line customers! It was when I sold via ebay. We have been able to reconnect via facebook and she also ordered some custom holiday tree earrings from me. There were three of those, along with some other items. She purchased 5 items from me via Etsy and then contacted me via Facebook for the custom items.

So, there's about 20 items sold not showing up in my etsy numbers. I'm not complaining. By not listing individually, I'm not paying the twenty cents per listing. It does save work on my part, also. But, I guess I'd encourage you (as a buyer) to look lightly at the shop numbers when you buy. Most likely, the shop owner is selling more than it looks.

Don't forget to check out my sale!

Happy Holidays,

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