Capitol City Visit

Capitol City Visit
Madison Wisconsin

Monday, February 28, 2011

Beaded Bookmark for Childhood Cancer

Select Item sale Feature for 2/28/11 is a wonderful Beaded Bookmark to benefit Childhood Cancer. Please see my listing for complete details. This was $10.00 but now is only $7.00.

Remember the sale item, featured each day is over at 10pm CST. If you like it and want it at the sale price, buy before 10pm! Thanks.

Happy Shopping!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Select Item Sale Feature for 2/27/11;On Golden Sands Multi-stranded Bracelet

One of my favorite pieces that I've created is today's Select Item Sale Featured Handcrafted Jewelry. It is my On Golden Sands, Multi-stranded Swarovski Bracelet featuring Swarovski Brand Pearls and Crystals with a Three strand slide clasp. It is gorgeous!

This would make a perfect special occasion piece, for a graduation, wedding, anniversary, or mother's day. Perfect for anyone who loves classic style jewelry pieces. Check it out!

For today only the On Golden Sands Bracelet is offered at only $22.00, reduced from $30.00.
Sale ends at 10pm CST tonight!

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Shopping!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Select Item Sale Feature for 2/26/11.

Select Item Sale Feature for 2/26/11!

Hawaiian Inspired Jewelry! Orange Sunrise on Haleakala Volacano Pendant Necklace.
Was $32.00. Today only is $25.00! This is a one of a kind, high quality component, piece of handcrafted jewelry! Please see the following listing for details or to purchase.

Thanks! Remember my Select Item Sale runs each day through 3/17/11, featuring on piece of jewelry offered at a fantastic price for only one day! Sale ends each day at 10pm CST!

Come and shop!

And to those of you who read my Wednesday blog post on Thomas Jefferson, the gardener, I have been reading the book I talked about and will be posting again soon, more details about this founding father and his life as a gardener. So, please stop back, again!

Have a great weekend!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Select Item Sale Feature for 2/25/11.

My Select Item Sale Featured piece is a one of a kind Large Concentric Heart Necklace with hematite and czech glass rectangular beads! Today, 2/25/11, this piece is being offered at 50% off the regular price of $22.00 for only $11.00! WOW!

Here is the link to the necklace in my shop;

Grab this great sale item today! Sale ends at 10pm CST tonight!

Happy Shopping!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Select Item Sale Feature for 2/24/11...Second Piece!

Yes! Yes! Yes!

My Cultured Pearl and Classic Freshwater Pearl Sterling Earrings Sold today!

Here is my next Select item sale featured item for 2/24/11!

These Paua Shell Necklaces are rapidly becoming my signature piece of handcrafted jewelry!
Now you can own one for less than the original price! Get $7.00 off today, only. The price now is only $23.00 (reduced from $30.00) until 10pm today, CST.

Thanks for your interest in my jewelry! Please stop again!

Classic Freshwater Pearl and Pink Cultured Pearl Dangle Earrings

Select Item Sale Feature for 2/24/11 are my Classic Freshwater and Pink Cultured Pearl Dangle Earrings. These were $25.00 and now are only $18.00. Sale ends at 10pm CST tonight!

Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Thomas Jefferson....The Gardener.

Good Wednesday Morning! This is my second post of the day! Be sure to check out my Select Item Sale Featured Item that I posted earlier!

Now, for my Wednesday post. Today, I'd like to talk about Thomas Jefferson. It seems apropos to do so, since President's Day was this week. Over the last couple of years I have done a lot of reading about our founding fathers; specifically, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson. I find myself fascinated by these two men, their lives, and their friendship.

One of the things I find most fascinating is that they were both gardeners! Now, being a gardener myself....a master gardener volunteer, in fact; I am interested in how they gardened and the plants they choose to grow. So, last holiday season I had found a book on Amazon called Jefferson's Garden by Peter Loewer (2004). I asked for it as a present from my mom. Well, it was out of stock. She, however, always trying to please, sent me money to buy the book when it came back in stock. I just did that and got the book yesterday! ( I love how you can save things in your amazon cart)!

Like a vulture, waiting a warm meal; I dove into this book last night. Although I haven't gotten very far, I have already learned several things. The book starts by talking about the importance of seeds in America; where they came from and how the big seed companies got started! The book implies that Jefferson, among other men, were instrumental in bringing seeds to America (remember, he travelled often to Europe) and saving certain varieties for proliferation here.

Now, I have done a lot with seeds over my course as a gardener. I've planted many, saved a few, and most importantly taught school aged children about their contents (a baby plant) and germination! Thanks to this new book, I'll have a new appreciation for seeds and perhaps a new story to tell my garden club students! After all, we all know who Thomas Jefferson was....President, Statesman, Author, Patriot, Founding Father ........and Gardener!

I can't wait to read more!
Thanks for stopping by for my Wednesday post!

Select Item Sale Feature for 2/23/11

Good Morning!

My select item sale featured piece of handcrafted jewelry today is one of my favorite Ocean Inspired pieces! It is made with a paua shell pendant and shell beads. The pendant is embellished with lead-free antiqued gold pewter charms of sea-life. Usually this necklace sells for $30.00. Today only, I am offering it for only $22.00! This will be the lowest price ever offered for this piece! Buy today! You'll love it, as much as I do!

The link for this piece of jewelry is; (picture is above)

You may view my other pieces of handcrafted jewelry at;

Thanks! Please stop back later for my Wednesday Blog Frenzy Post on Thomas Jefferson, the Gardener! Have a great day!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Select Item Sale Feature for 2/22/11

Good Morning.....Here is my Select Item Sale feature for Today! (See first, large picture).

It is a wonderful pair of handcrafted lampwork earrings! The beads in the center are made by another wonderful etsy artisan whose shop is called Blue Seraphim. Lovely, high quality Beads. I have bought from her more than once! I just love the colors in these. The smaller beads are orange agate.

What a great spring time accessory these earrings would be! To view more details or to purchase at the sale price, visit my etsy shop here;

These earrings are only $6.00 today! And since you'll be saving so much on the earrings, I thought I would show you a couple of other pieces that would go! Please see these within the post here. You may get more details on them by visiting my shop at;

Happy Shopping!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Select Item Sale- 2/21/11, Earthy Unakite Long Style Necklace

Select Item Sale for 2/21/11.

Earthy Unakite Long Style Necklace!

Please visit my shop page for this item for the details! It is a wonderful piece if you like long necklaces;

This handcrafted, semi-precious gemstone necklace was $32.00. Today, only is $20.00.

Remember, my Select Item Sale runs from now until 3/17/11. Each day I will select one unique piece of jewelry from my shop and offer it at a greatly reduced price! Sale ends each day at 10pm CST.

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Shopping!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Select Item Sale- 2/20/11- Gemstone Bracelet for Breast Cancer Awareness

Well, I'm very late today with my post!
It must be that snow we are having.....slowing me down!

Today's featured Select Item Sale is a very special, one of a kind bracelet for Breast Cancer Awareness! The bracelet is made from a semi-precious gemstone and sterling silver beads that spell out HOPE! It has a sterling clasp.

The bracelet's usual price is $30.00, now it is only $20.00, through 10 pm CST tonight!
Here is the link for the bracelet to view more details and/or purchase click here;

I carry Breast Cancer Support/Awareness Jewelry in my etsy shop all year, not just in October, which is Breast Cancer Awareness Month! Last year, 2010, I was able to make a $25.00 donation to the Susan G. Komen Cause for the Cure Breast Cancer Research Foundation from partial proceeds from the sale of these items in my Etsy shop; Carol's Jewelry Orchard.

Please go to my shop to view ALL my pink items!

Thanks! Stay warm and happy shopping!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Select Item Sale Feature 2/19/11, Botswana Carnelian Faceted Gemstone Necklace

Good Morning!

For my 3rd day of Carol's Jewelry Orchard's Select Item Sale, I am featuring another one of a kind creation. It is a lovely, Botswana Carnelian Drop Necklace. This piece is stunning. A great peach/orange, almost creamsicle color for spring!

Please check my shop list for details and/or to purchase at;

Please stop back each day from now until 3/17/11 to view my Select Item Sale feature of the day!

The sale price on this beautiful necklace has been reduced from $22.00 to $16.00, only for today, 2/19/11. Sale ends at 10pm CST tonight! If you like it, act now!

Happy shopping!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Warm Fuzzies Multi-stranded Bracelet Featured for Select Item Sale, 2/18/11

Select Item Sale Feature for 2/18/11.

Warm Fuzzies Multi-stranded bracelet in Chocolate Brown and Carribean Blue Swarovski Crystals. This Fabulous, one of a kind, handcrafted piece of jewelry was designed and made by me in my home studio.

Today it is being offered at a fabulous price of only $18.00! It was $25.00! This sale ends today at 10PM CST. Please read the two previous posts for details of this sale, running from 2/1/7/11-3/17/11.

Have Fun Shopping for a Unique, Handcrafted Piece of Jewelry!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Select Item Sale, 2/17/11, Swarovski Snowflake Earrings on Vermeil Earwires

Select Item Sale, 2/17/11.

Today's sale offering is a stunning pair of handcrafted Vermeil and Swarovski Crystal Snowflake Earrings! These would make a great gift for a late winter birthday or buy them at the sale price and use or give them next holiday season! They are spectacular! Sparkling and Classy! These were $18.00. Today only, they are $12.00! Sale ends at 10pm CST tonight.

See this page in my shop for their entire description and/or to purchase;

or enter my shop here to check out all of my handcrafted beaded and wire jewelry;

Thanks for stopping by! Remember, my Select Item Sale runs from 2/17/11-3/17/11. A new sale item will be posted each day and the reduced price is only offered the day the piece is the Select Item from Carol's Jewelry Orchard!

Happy Shopping! I hope you can find something beautiful to "pick"!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Select Item Sale....Check in Each Day for a New Piece of Handcrafted Jewelry offered at a Great price!


I would like to announce my Select Item Sale.

For the next month 2/17/11-3/17/11, I will off one item a day from my Etsy shop:
Carol's Jewelry Orchard, at an incredible price! It will be the Select Item Sale.

This item will be selected each morning by me and renewed on Etsy, posted here, and posted on my Facebook page. I hope to have each day's posting done by 9am CST. Check in each day to view the item and see how much you can save on it! If the item sells, I will list another in the same posting manner! The sale each day will end at 10pm CST.

And while you visit, make sure you check out the rest of my shop because I will always have some "hidden" (not too hidden) bargains! Or by saving on the Select Item Sale; you could purchase a coordinating piece of handcrafted jewelry!

Wow! It's a Great day for a Sale!

Today's Select Item Sale is my Lucinda Tribal Style Necklace made from Red Turquoise, Black Onyx, Obsidian, and Sterling Silver! It was $36.00. Today only, it is $25.00. Standard Shipping applies. As always, your purchase will be carefully placed in a gift box with a handcrafted tag, and tied with a ribbon. Thanks! Now, let's look at Lucinda!

Have Fun Shopping for Something Special!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day Sale!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Please visit my Etsy shop today and save 20% on your purchase by entering the following coupon code at check out;


My shop is located at;

I specialize in making unique, one of a kind, beaded and wire wrapped jewelry using high quality components such as sterling silver, tierracast pewter charms, paua shells, swarovski glass pearls and crystals, as well as select polymer clay pendants and gemstones. I also do a variety of custom pieces. Please contact me if you are interested in something very special!

The sale is my present to all my blog followers and satisfied customers; past and present! You can return the "sweet" gift to me by visiting my facebook fan page at;
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It will be a fast way to see my newest items!


Saturday, February 12, 2011

Nature in Sepia Etsy Treasury

Please view this awesome treasury that my Carmel Cafe Viking Goddess Wire Wrapped Ring is featured in today! The rings are available, and made to custom size if necessary, in my Etsy shop;
Carol's Jewelry Orchard at;

The treasury can be seen here;

Please visit today!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Word Lover!!!

Good morning!

Today my post is on being a word lover! I love words! Maybe that is kind of unusual, I don't really know! I do know that I've always been this way! In most things that I do, I try to pass on my love of words.

"What do I do that shows I love words", you ask? Here are some;

I love to write; my blog has really helped this past time for me! I have always wanted to have something published and have written numerous articles, editorials, letters, tutorials, and even started some children's stories. I know that to become a better writer, you must write every day! While I'm not up to every day, my blog posts help me to do that several times a week!

I pass on my knowledge of words and language to my children and to the children I see at school. Just the other day, my teenager called me a "walking thesaurus" when I suggested a phrase for his forensics speech! I took this as an odd compliment....maybe he was really being smart-mouthed with me! In garden club, with second to fifth graders, each month I try to provide a multi-levelled lesson, complete with new vocabulary for those that "have a need to know". I know....I was one of those children, a long time ago! When I see my first grade book club, once a week, we talk about words and how strange they are; to, too, and two; who knew they could all be so different? And how about homophones and homonyms? This week in my third grade writer's circle, we will be starting poetry! The third graders are smart and most working above their grade level. Our concentration there will be on making wise word choices to make our poetry descriptive and aesthetically pleasing to the ear.

I am fascinated by our language and the decoding process. Some children learn that so quickly, while some never seem to be able to unlock the key to all the codes. I recently started to substitute teach for ESL (English as a Second Language). Our community has a large Hmong population. I really enjoy this! It is enlightening to me to be able to try and describe a word and its meaning and/or use in English. I recently joined Merriam Webster's word of the day. This word is automatically e-mailed to me and there is even a pod-cast link for the word! It helps that the pod-caster has a very nice, deep, soothing voice!

Now, you are thinking; "well she probably has some college degree in language arts". I don't. However, I did take Latin in high school (a very long time ago) and have a medical/nursing background. Although, I'm not sure which came first with either of those; the love of words or the necessary immersion in the discipline. Surprisingly enough, I do not speak another language. However, have been thinking about learning one!

In any case, I know I am a logophile. And that is my word for the day as I had to look it up this morning! I did not know what a lover of words was called! Now, I do.

Thanks for tuning in! Please visit my other blog on my jewelry website;
I posted there about my newest creations! Just click on Carol's Blog on the menu.

Have a Sunny Day!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Advanced Sale Notice- Super Sale starts at 12 noon EST

Good Morning!!!!

For all you women out there today who may be doing some shopping, I'm offer a

Sunday Super Sale in my shop.

For all you blog readers, this sale will start at 12 noon.

Stop by early to get the best selection!

This is the sale; EVERYTHING is 20% off in my Etsy shop today only.

This sale includes those items already marked down.........

you'll save over 80% on some items! WOW!

Here is the link to my Super Sale;

I am busy making new inventory, soon to be put on my NEW website;

You can still expect high qualilty and unique items with fantastic customer service!

I hope you can stop by by Super Sunday Shop Sale today for great Savings!


Friday, February 4, 2011

Earring Sale....Going on now!

Dollar Sale going on now!

Visit my Etsy Shop for some great sales on earrings!!!!

Just $1.00 per pair (regularly priced up to $15.00).

Act quickly......the sale is for a limited time only!


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

How's everyone doing with all the snow? Good deeds!

February 1st! Already! This school year seems to be moving along so quickly! My kids cannot believe it is already the first of February! But at the same time, this winter seems very long!

Snow, snow, and more snow! Everywhere! For everyone!

We left the snow-filled, high-drift, lake-effect filled winters of Western New York many years ago. This year, in Western Wisconsin, is the snowiest winter we can remember in a decade.

I thought I'd pass on a "feel" good story, after I posted a complaining one over last weekend.

This morning, we woke up with drifts all over the driveway (we have a long, driveway). My husband went out to snowplow. It was clogged with ice. My teenager needed to go to school! It was 6:45am. They left in the truck, a 4x4 Ford....but went off the driveway; pulled aside by a drift and got stuck! I was going about my routine and thought they were gone.

About ten minutes, later I realized they were stuck in the driveway, 3/4 of the way down. A snow plow was stopped at the end of our driveway. An accident? I wondered. No. In the next minute, this unknown plow driver plowed us out! He was offered money. He refused. My husband came back in, got our van, and took our teenager to school!

Wow! Niceness still exists! Thank you Mr. Unknown Plow Driver! You made our Day!
We will be sure to Pay - It - Forward! Thanks for reading! And Stay Warm!