Capitol City Visit

Capitol City Visit
Madison Wisconsin

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Saturday Jobs.......What will you do with your day?

I find it kind of ironic that I am writing about this.....What will you do with your day? Rarely, have I responded to other posts in the etsy forums about what I intend to do with my day. However, I fear the topic I really wanted to post on, Technology and it's Effects on Relationships, will get me into some trouble, so I decided to change my post! LOL.

While I was thinking of posting, I also planted a few remaining paperwhite bulbs in some pearlite and placed them in a glass jar on my kitchen counter. For the last eight years, I have instructed elementary school children on the forcing of bulbs for my December Garden Club unit. Usually, I plant right along with them, but this year, due to having some very able high school volunteers, I disseminated only the information on bulbs and let one of the high schoolers help with the planting. I realized the only problem with this was that I did not have a bulb growing myself to take to garden club this month to discuss what we were all witnessing in our bulb containers. Now, I do. Garden Club is in 12 days. I know the students plants will be well ahead of mine but we will be able to use mine as a visual aide, since the students have long taken them home. I also left out what most of the students (inaccurately) feel is needed: SOIL! This should stimulate some good discussion.

Well, that all took only about 10 minutes of my Saturday! After I'm finished blogging, I will be gathering some beads and taking some pictures of them with my new light box (that I got as a Christmas present), thanks to my hubby! I have been commissioned to make two custom order lanyards for a customer in NYS! She saw three that I made for my sister-in-law (also as custom orders) that were given as holiday presents. These are pictured above. The new customer and I discussed some color options and today I start to create! I will also be making some more of my beaded bookmarks, as I am almost out of those and they are popular items for my shop!

Finally, when I need a break from my jewelry creations, I will continue taking down some Christmas decorations. I always have a backup activity when I am planning to create some new pieces, as sometimes the creative juices aren't flowing and I usually know this within a few minutes.......I try not to force it and step away from my workbench for a while.

If all that gets done or I need another distraction, I figure that I can always do yard work!!! This is really ridiculous for I live in the upper mid-west and we usually have over 30 inches of snow by now! We have none! The sun is out and it was over 50 degrees the other day! It almost seems as if spring is already here!

Well, as you can see I'll be busy today with Saturday jobs. Hopefully, you will find something interesting to do too! Enjoy your day! Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog! Comments are always welcome!

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